Anomalies In The Lost Books

Part 2


The Angel Brings Levi Down To Earth
Levi 2:11
Then the angel brought me down to the earth, and gave me a shield and a sword, and said to me: Execute vengeance on Shechem because of Dinah, thy sister, and I will be with thee because the Lord hath sent me.

The Glory Of Yahuwah, Moses Ascends Mt. Sianai In A Cloud
Jasher 82:8
And the glory of Yahuwah rested upon Sinai mountain, and he called to Moshe, and Moshe came in the midst of a cloud and ascended the mountain.

A Cloud Rested Upon The Wilderness Of Paran
Jasher 83:26
At that time the children of Yisrael continued their journey from the wilderness of Sinai, and they took a journey of 3 days, and the cloud rested upon the wilderness of Paran; there the anger of Yahuwah was kindled against Yisrael, for they had provoked Yahuwah in asking him for meat, that they might eat.

The Elohim And Angels Descend And Confuse The Language
Jasher 9:32
And the Elohim said to the 70 angels who stood foremost before him, to those who were near to him, saying, Come let us descend and confuse their tongues, that one man will not understand the language of his neighbor, and they did so to them. (Can also go under beings)

Yahuwah Came Down And Saved Avram From The Burning Furnace
Jasher 12:22
And the king's servants took Avram and his brother, and they stripped them of all their clothes excepting their lower garments which were upon them. 23 And they bound their hands and feet with linen cords, and the servants of the king lifted them up and cast them both into the furnace. 24 And Yahuwah loved Avram and he had compassion over him, and Yahuwah came down and delivered Avram from the fire and he was not burned. 25 But all the cords with which they bound him were burned, while Avram remained and walked about in the fire.

The Almighty Word Leaped Down From Heaven
Wisdom of Solomon 18:15
Thine Almighty word leaped down from heaven out of thy royal throne, as a fierce man of war into the midst of a land of destruction, 16 And brought thine unfeigned commandment as a sharp sword, and standing up filled all things with death; and it touched the heaven, but it stood upon the earth.

The Angels Make A Plan Of Action, They Descend
Enoch 7:3
Then their leader Samyaza said to them; I fear that you may perhaps be indisposed to the performance of this enterprise; 4 And that I alone shall suffer for so grievous a crime. 5 But they answered him and said; We all swear; 6 And bind ourselves by mutual execrations, that we will not change our intention, but execute our projected undertaking. 7 Then they swore all together, and all bound themselves by mutual execrations. Their whole number was two hundred, who descended upon Ardis, which is the top of mount Armon.

The Holy Race Descends From Heaven And Mixed With Humans
Enoch 39:1
In those days shall the elect and holy race descend from the upper heavens, and their seed shall then be with the sons of men. Enoch received books of indignation and wrath, and books of hurry and agitation.

The Angels Who Had Descended To Earth
Enoch 63:1 I
saw also other countenances in that secret place. I heard the voice of an angel, saying, These are the angels who have descended from heaven to earth, and have revealed secrets to the sons of men, and have seduced the sons of men to the commission of sin.

The Most High Descends From The South Wind
Enoch 76:1
The first wind is called the eastern, because it is the first. 2 The second is called the south, because the Most High there descends, and frequently there descends he who is blessed for ever.

The Angels Place Enoch On The Earth
Enoch 80:7
Then those three holy ones caused me to approach, and placed me on the earth, before the door of my house.

He Who Wrote Ascended And Descended
Enoch 88:107
In like manner also I saw in the vision him who wrote, how he wrote down one, destroyed by the shepherds, every day. He ascended, remained, and exhibited each of his books to the Lord of the sheep, containing all which they had done, and all which each of them had made away with; 118 Then he who wrote the book ascended, exhibited it, and read it at the residence of the Lord of the sheep. He petitioned him for them, and prayed, pointing out every act of the shepherds, and testifying before him against them all. Then taking the book, he deposited it with him, and departed.
Enoch 89:21 Then I perceived that the man came who had written down the names of the shepherds, and who ascended up before the Lord of the sheep. 22 He brought assistance, and caused every one to see him descending to the help of the dabela.

The Angels Will Descend
Enoch 99:1
In those days the angels shall descend into places of concealment, and gather together in one spot all who have assisted in crime.

Yekun Causes The Angels To Descend To Earth
Enoch 68:4
The name of the first is Yekun: (68) he it was who seduced all the sons of the holy angels; and causing them to descend on earth, led astray the offspring of men.

The Lord Of The Sheep Descends
Enoch 88:30
With all their might, until the Lord of the sheep descended at their voice from his lofty habitation; went to them; and inspected them.

Treasures From Heaven Descend To The Earth
Enoch 10:28
In those days I will open the treasures of blessing which are in heaven, that I may cause them to descend upon earth, and upon all the works and labour of man.

The Calamity Will Come Down From Heaven
Enoch 82:10
Now, my son, rise up; and beseech the Lord of glory (for you are faithful), that a remnant may be left upon earth, and that he would not wholly destroy it. My son, all this calamity upon earth comes down from heaven; upon earth shall there be a great destruction.

A Star Falls From Heaven
Enoch 85:1
Again I looked attentively, while sleeping, and surveyed heaven above. 2 And behold a single star fell from heaven.

More Stars Fall, Hybrid Animals Are Produced
Enoch 85:4
After that I perceived other large and black cows; and behold all of them changed their stalls and pastures, while their young began to lament one with another. Again I looked in my vision, and surveyed heaven; when behold I saw many stars which descended, and projected themselves from heaven to where the first star was, 5 Into the midst of those young ones; while the cows were with them, feeding in the midst of them. 6 I looked at and observed them; when behold, they all acted after the manner of horses, and began to approach the young cows, all of whom became pregnant, and brought forth elephants, camels, and asses.

Anomalies In The Lost Books

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