Anomalies In The Lost Books

Part 3


Men Shall Be Taken Up
Esdras 6:25 "And it shall be that whoever remains after all that I have foretold to you shall himself be saved and shall see my salvation and the end of my world. 26 And they shall see the men who were taken up, who from their birth have not tasted death; and the heart of the earth's inhabitants shall be changed and converted to a different spirit.

Jesus Tells Abgarus He Will Send Help After His Ascension
Abgarus 2:3
As to that part of your letter, which relates to my giving you a visit, I must inform you, that I must fulfil all the ends of my mission in this country, and after that be received up again to him who sent me. 4 But after my ascension I will send one of my disciples, who will cure your disease, and give life to you, and all that are with you.

Who Has Gone Up to Heaven
Baruch 3:29
Who hath gone up into heaven, and taken her, and brought her down from the clouds? 30 Who hath gone over the sea, and found her, and will bring her for pure gold? 31 No man knoweth her way, nor thinketh of her path.

Jesus Ascends To Heaven
Nicodemus 10:21
And when he had said these things to his disciples, we saw him ascending up to heaven. 22 When the chief priests, and elders, and Levites heard these things, they said to these three men, Give glory to the God of Israel, and make confession to him, whether those things are true, which ye say ye have seen and heard. 23 They answering said, As the Lord of our fathers liveth, the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, according as we heard Jesus talking with his disciples, and according as we saw him ascending up to heaven, so we have related the truth to you. 24 And the three men farther answered, and said, adding these words, If we should not own the words which we heard Jesus speak, and that we saw him ascending into heaven, we should be guilty of sin.
Nicodemus 12:7 After this, they asked them what they had seen; who answered with one accord, In the presence of the God of Israel we affirm, that we plainly saw Jesus talking with his disciples in Mount Olivet, and ascending up to heaven.
Nicodemus 12:12 And besides these men have declared, that they saw him talking with his disciples in Mount Olivet, and ascending up to heaven. 13 Then Joseph rising up, said to Annas and Caiaphas, Ye may be justly under a great surprise, that you have been told, that Jesus is alive, and gone up to heaven.

Elijah Was Taken Up To Heaven
Nicodemus 11:2
And the scripture teacheth us that the blessed prophet Elijah was taken up to heaven; and Elisha being asked by the sons of the prophets, Where is our father Elijah? He said to them, that he is taken up to heaven.

Jesus Seen Ascending And Entering Heaven
Nicodemus 22:8
And when we were deliberating among one another about the miracles which Jesus had wrought, we found many witnesses of our own country, who declared that they had seen him alive after his death, and that they heard him discoursing with his disciples, and saw him ascending unto the height of the heavens, and entering into them;

Satan Transports Adam And Eve To The Top Of A High Mountain
1 Adam and Eve 28:10
But when they came to the mountain to the north of the garden, a very high mountain, without any steps to the top of it, the Devil drew near to Adam and Eve, and made them go up to the top in reality, and not in a vision; wishing, as he did, to throw them down and kill them, and to wipe off their name from the earth; so that this earth should remain to him and his hosts alone.

The Cherub Could Not Go Up To Heaven
1 Adam and Eve 54:7
He could not go up to Heaven to determine God's order regarding their getting into the garden; he therefore continued to stand by them, unable as he was to part from them; for he was afraid that if they should enter the garden without permission, God would destroy him.

The Angels Took Adam And Eve Up And Bring Them To The Cave
1 Adam and Eve 56:10
And God commanded His angels to escort Adam and Eve to the cave with joy, instead of the fear that had come over them. 11 Then the angels took up Adam and Eve, and brought them down from the mountain by the garden, with songs and psalms, until they arrived at the cave. There the angels began to comfort and to strengthen them, and then departed from them towards heaven, to their Creator, who had sent them.

The Angels Take Adam And Eve Up
1 Adam and Eve 68:7
And God told His angels to take Adam and Eve, and to bear them up to the field of wheat, which they found as before, with the bucket full of water.

Jesus Ascended To Heaven
Barnabas 13:10
For which cause we observe the eighth day with gladness, in which Jesus rose from the dead, and after showing himself to his disciples, ascended into heaven.

The Angels Take Enoch To The First Heaven
Secrets Of Enoch 3:1
It came to pass, when Enoch had told his sons, that the angels took him on to their wings and bore him up on to the first heaven and placed him on the clouds. And there I looked, and again I looked higher, and saw the ether, and they placed me on the first heaven and showed me a very great Sea, greater than the earthly sea.

Enoch Is Placed In The Third Heaven
Secrets Of Enoch 8:1
And those men took me thence, and led me up on to the third heaven, and placed me there; and I looked downwards, and saw the produce of these places, such as has never been known for goodness.

The Angels Take Enoch Up To The Fourth Heaven
Secrets Of Enoch 11:1
Those men took me, and led me up on to the fourth heaven, and showed me all the successive goings, and all the rays of the light of sun and moon.

Angels Take Enoch To The Sixth Heaven, Seven Bands Of Bright, Shining Angles Are Seen
Secrets Of Enoch 19:1
And thence those men took me and bore me up on to the sixth heaven, and there I saw seven bands of angels, very bright and very glorious, and their faces shining more than the sunís shining, glistening, and there is no difference in their faces, or behaviour, or manner of dress; and these make the orders, and learn the goings of the stars, and the alteration of the moon, or revolution of the sun, and the good government of the world. (could also go under Beings)

Enoch Is Lifted Up To the Seventh Heaven, A Great Light And Beings Are Seen
Secrets Of Enoch 20:1
And those two men lifted me up thence on to the seventh heaven, and I saw there a very great light, and fiery troops of great archangels (2), incorporeal forces, and dominions, orders and governments, cherubim and seraphim, thrones and many-eyed ones, nine regiments, the Ioanit stations of light, and I became afraid, and began to tremble with great terror, and those men took me, and led me after them, and said to me: (could also go under Beings and Techno)

Gabriel Catches Enoch Up
Secrets Of Enoch 21:6
And Gabriel caught me up, as a leaf caught up by the wind, and placed me before the Lordís face.

Michael Lifts Enoch Up
Secrets Of Enoch 22:6
And the archistratege Michael lifted me up, and led me to before the Lordís face.

Enoch To Be Taken Back To Heaven
Secrets Of Enoch 36:3
And after thirty days I shall send my angel for you, and he will take you from earth and from your sons to me.

The Angels Are Waiting To Bring Enoch Up To Heaven
Secrets Of Enoch 55:2
For the angels who shall go with me are standing before me and urge me to my departure from you; they are standing here on earth, awaiting what has been told them. 3 For to-morrow I shall go up on to heaven, to the uppermost Jerusalem to my eternal inheritance.

Enoch Is Taken To The Highest Heaven
Secrets Of Enoch 67:1
When Enoch had talked to the people, the Lord sent out darkness on to the earth, and there was darkness, and it covered those men standing with Enoch, and they took Enoch up on to the highest heaven, where the Lord is; and he received him and placed him before his face, and the darkness went off from the earth, and light came again.

Enoch Was Taken To Heaven For 60 Days And Wrote 360 Books
Secrets Of Enoch 68:1
Enoch was born on the sixth day of the month Tsivan, and lived three hundred and sixty-five years. 2 He was taken up to heaven on the first day of the month Tsivan and remained in heaven sixty days. 3 He wrote all these signs of all creation, which the Lord created, and wrote three hundred and sixty-six books, and handed them over to his sons and remained on earth thirty days, and was again taken up to heaven on the sixth day of the month Tsivan, on the very day and hour when he was born.

Enoch Was Taken Up To Heaven From The Place Called Achuzan
Secrets Of Enoch 68:6
Methosalam and his brethren, all the sons of Enoch, made haste, and erected an altar at that place called Achuzan, whence and where Enoch had been taken up to heaven.

Enoch Sees The Eighth and Ninth Heavens
Secrets Of Enoch 21:7
And I saw the eighth heaven, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Muzaloth, changer of the seasons, of drought, and of wet, and of the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament, which are above the seventh heaven. 8 And I saw the ninth heaven, which is called in Hebrew Kuchavim, where are the heavenly homes of the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament.

Levi And Judah Lifted Up
Naphtali 2:3
And we all of us ran together, and Levi laid hold of the sun, and Judah outstripped the others and seized the moon, and they were both of them lifted up with them.

Joseph Ascends
Napthali 2:7
But Joseph came, and seized him, and ascended up with him on high.

Christ Will Ascend Into Heaven
Benjamin 2:9
And He shall ascend from Hades and shall pass from earth into heaven.
10 And I know how lowly He shall be upon earth, and how glorious in heaven.

Anomalies In The Lost Books

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