Anomalies In The Lost Books

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The Cloud Becomes A Great Light
Protevangelion 14:11
But of a sudden the cloud became a great light in the cave, so that their eyes could not bear it.

A Bright Cloud Overshadows The Cave
Protevangelion 14:10
Then a bright cloud overshadowed the cave, and the midwife said, "This day my soul is magnified, for my eyes have seen surprising things, and salvation is brought forth to Israel."

A Bright Cloud Accompanies Thecla
Thecla 10:11
When she departed thence, she went to Seleucia, and enlightened many in the knowledge of Christ. 12 And a bright cloud conducted her in her journey. 13 And after she had arrived at Seleucia she went to a place out of the city, about the distance of a furlong, being afraid of the inhabitants, because they were worshippers of idols. 14 And she was led [by the cloud] into a mountain called Calamon, or Rodeon. There she abode many years, and underwent a great many grievous temptations of the devil, which she bore in a becoming manner, by the assistance which she had from Christ.

Thecla's Baptism
Thecla 8
Notwithstanding all this, Thecla threw herself into the water, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 But the fish (sea-calves,) when they saw the lighting and fire, were killed, and swam dead upon the surface of the water, and a cloud of fire surrounded Thecla, so that as the beasts could not come near her, so the people could not see her nakedness.

The Cloud Becomes A Great Light
But of a sudden the cloud became a great light in the cave, so that their eyes could not bear it.

Satan Comes On A Cloud
1 Adam and Eve 28:1
But when the crafty Satan saw them, that they were going to the garden, he gathered together his host, and came in appearance on a cloud, intent on deceiving them. 2 But when Adam and Eve saw him thus in a vision, they thought they were angels of God come to comfort them about having left the garden, or to bring them back again into it.

Satan, Deceiving Adam And Eve, Talks Of A Cloud
1 Adam and Eve 60:23
God said further to me, 'If you don't have enough strength to walk, I will send a cloud to carry you and set you down at the entrance of their cave; then the cloud will return and leave you there. 24 And if they will come with you, I will send a cloud to carry you and them.' 25 Then He commanded a cloud, and it bear me up and brought me to you; and then went back. 26 And now, O my children, Adam and Eve, look at my old gray hair and at my feeble state, and at my coming from that distant place. Come, come with me, to a place of rest."'

The Angels Of The Store Houses Come Out And Go Into Clouds
Secrets Of Enoch 5:1
And here I looked down and saw the treasure-houses of the snow, and the angels who keep their terrible store-houses, and the clouds whence they come out and into which they go. (Could go under flight)

The Clouds Have Wings
Secrets Of Enoch 40:5
And I measured the sunís circle, and measured its rays, counted the hours, I wrote down too all things that go over the earth, I have written the things that are nourished, and all seed sown and unsown, which the earth produces and all plants, and every grass and every flower, and their sweet smells, and their names, and the dwelling-places of the clouds, and their composition, and their wings, and how they bear rain and raindrops.

Jesus Will Come In The Clouds
Barnabas 6:12
So he then will be similar to what he was on earth, the Jews were commanded to take two fair and equal goats so that when they hereafter will see our Savior coming in the clouds of heaven, they may be amazed at the analogy of the goats.

A Cloud And The Glory Of God
Jasher 23:2
And he said to him, Take now your son, your only son whom you love, even Yitzchaq, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there for a burnt offering upon 1 of the mountains which will be shown to you, for there will you see a cloud and the glory of Yahuwah

A Pillar Of Fire And A Cloud Of Glory
Jasher 23:41
And on the 3rd day Avraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place at a distance which the Elohim had told him of. 42 And a pillar of fire appeared to him that reached from the earth to heaven, and a cloud of glory upon the mountain, and the glory of Yahuwah was seen in the cloud. 44 And Yitzchaq answered and said to his father, I see and lo a pillar of fire and a cloud, and the glory of Yahuwah is seen upon the cloud.

Eliezer And Yismael Do Not See The Pillar Of Fire Or The Cloud
Jasher 23:46
And Avraham said to Eliezer and to Yismael his son, Do you also see that which we see upon the mountain which is at a distance? 47 And they answered and said, We see nothing more than like the other mountains of the earth. And Avraham knew that they were not accepted before Yahuwah to go with them, and Avraham said to them, Abide ye here with the ass while I and Yitzchaq my son will go to distant mountain and worship there before Yahuwah and then return to you.

The Glory Of Yahuwah, Moses Ascends Mt. Sianai In A Cloud
Jasher 82:8
And the glory of Yahuwah rested upon Sinai mountain, and he called to Moshe, and Moshe came in the midst of a cloud and ascended the mountain.

The Cloud Is Taken Away
Jasher 83:25
And on the 20th day of the month, the cloud was taken away from the tabernacle of testimony.

A Cloud Rested Upon The Wilderness Of Paran
Jasher 83:26
At that time the children of Yisrael continued their journey from the wilderness of Sinai, and they took a journey of 3 days, and the cloud rested upon the wilderness of Paran; there the anger of Yahuwah was kindled against Yisrael, for they had provoked Yahuwah in asking him for meat, that they might eat.

Yahuwah Appears In A Pillar Of Cloud
Jasher 87:1
At that time Yahuwah said to Moshe, Behold your days are approaching to an end, take now Yahushuwah the son of Nun your servant and place him in the tabernacle, and I will command him, and Moshe did so. 2 And Yahuwah appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of cloud, and the pillar of cloud stood at the entrance of the tabernacle.

The Glory Of The Lord Will Appear Along With The Cloud
2nd Maccabees
2:5 And when Jeremy came thither, he found an hollow cave, wherein he laid the tabernacle, and the ark, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door. 6 And some of those that followed him came to mark the way, but they could not find it. 7 Which when Jeremy perceived, he blamed them, saying, As for that place, it shall be unknown until the time that God gather his people again together, and receive them unto mercy. 8 Then shall the Lord shew them these things, and the glory of the Lord shall appear, and the cloud also, as it was shewed under Moses, and as when Solomon desired that the place might be honourably sanctified.

A Cloud Shadows The Camp
Wisdom of Solomon 19:7
As namely, a cloud shadowing the camp; and where water stood before, dry land appeared; and out of the Red sea a way without impediment; and out of the violent stream a green field: 

The Cloud Of Peace
Odes Of Solomon 35:2
And the cloud of peace He caused to rise over my head, which guarded me continually; 3 It was to me for salvation: everything was shaken and they were affrighted; 4 And there came forth from them a smoke and a judgment; and I was keeping quiet in the order of the Lord

God Brings Moses Into A Dark Cloud
Sirach 45:5
He made him to hear his voice, and brought him into the dark cloud, and gave him commandments before his face, even the law of life and knowledge, that he might teach Jacob his covenants, and Israel his judgments.

Clouds And Winds Assist Enoch's Flight
Enoch 14:9
Behold, in that vision clouds and a mist invited me; agitated stars and flashes of lightning impelled and pressed me forwards, while winds in the vision assisted my flight, accelerating my progress.

A Cloud Snatches Enoch Up
Enoch 39:3
A cloud then snatched me up, and the wind raised me above the surface of the earth, placing me at the extremity of the heavens.

The Cloud That Continued Over The Earth
Enoch 41:3
There I saw the wooden receptacles out of which the winds became separated, the receptacle of hail, the receptacle of snow, the receptacle of the clouds, and the cloud itself, which continued over the earth before the creation of the world.

A Cloud And A Bottomless Fire
Enoch 105:21
Another book, which Enoch wrote for his son Mathusala, and for those who should come after him, and preserve their purity of conduct in the latter days. You, who have laboured, shall wait in those days, until the evil doers be consumed, and the power of the guilty be annihilated. Wait, until sin pass away; for their names shall be blotted out of the holy books; their seed shall be destroyed, and their spirits slain. They shall cry out and lament in the invisible waste, and in the bottomless fire shall they burn.  There I perceived, as it were, a cloud which could not be seen through; for from the depth of it I was unable to look upwards. I beheld also a flame of fire blazing brightly, and, as it were, glittering mountains whirled around, and agitated from side to side

Anomalies In The Lost Books

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