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July 2, 2010

Animals and Animal Rights

Study will look at oil spill's effect on whales (AP)

Harbour seals 'pupping earlier'

Animal rights group says it will go to court to revoke Turkish ban on attack dogs

Australia - Animal Rights protests

Liberian leader bans exportation of bush meat and wild animals

Judge rejects bid to restore La Jolla seal barrier

PETA demands ban on animal dissection in zoology classes

Kangaroos being poisoned by fluoride

Environmentalism vs. Animal Rights: Florida's Python Problem

Child Labor and Abuse

Children beaten by Bangladesh police

Wage and Hour Division rule revises/clarifies child labor regs

Child Labor: Feds Crack Down on Farmers

Bill to protect kids in reality TV shows gains support

Intermediary Tells Lubanga Trial He Did Not Coach Witnesses

Children, aged 5, used to plant Taliban bombs in Afghanistan

But what about the children?

Priests warned over child abuse

Catholic Church evades abuse scandals

Children of accused spies face an uncertain future

S.African police deny report of child trafficking at border

Coral Reefs and Oceans

Near-pristine coral reef ecosystem discovered

Gulf of Mannar faces 'marine litter'

Ocular survey conducted on Dauin reef

Costco 'selling out oceans' say Greenpeace protesters

Ocean dead zones explained

Scientists call on US to protect reef species

How Will The Florida Keys Be Impacted by the Gulf Disaster?

Guidebook on coral reef protection launched

Plastic is found in even the most remote seas

Role of aquatic fauna in ocean stirring

Tribal Activists Disrupt MLPA Meeting to Protect Gathering Rights

Israeli-Palestinian scientists to study sea corals

Corporate News

Ford Motor To Repay $4 Billion More In Debt

House Approves New Rules for Wall Street in 237-192 Vote

Google to Extend Android to Cheaper Phones in Asia

Microsoft Ends Work on Kin Device to Focus on Windows Phones

Wal-Mart Sells $3 Bln Debt in Biggest Offer Since April 2008

Chicago Allows Second Wal-Mart as Retailer Pushes Urban Growth

Ex-AIG Exec Defends Rise Of Risky Investments

Financial crisis panel takes Goldman Sachs to task

Disney acquires iPhone game maker Tapulous


British firm paid bribes to Iraqis over toxic fuel

Russian spy ring suspect jumps bail

Chimay Pleads Not Guilty to Grand Larceny, Forgery

Two Men Plotted to Blow Up JFK, Prosecutor Says

Movie-Piracy Websites Shut Down in Raids by U.S.

Mexico Drug Wars Spill Across US Border

Mexican drug cartel stopped in OK

Mexican drug problems reach into Memphis

KU cancels study abroad program in Mexico, citing rising gang and drug violence

Calderon calls on Mexicans to unite against criminal gangs

Experienced legal campaigner to head UN-backed crime probe in Guatemala

Face of Montreal Mafia changing dramatically: Experts

Deforestation and Desertification

Dhangadhi deforestation in focus

Minor reprieve for Amazon as vote delayed on Forest Law protections

Tackling deforestation is 'crucial' to slowing climate change

Scientists warn increase in Amazon fires threatens UN-led carbon savings

Massive logging in Kailali

'Follow the money' in forest crimes

Green group in logging case bid

US Forest Report May Fuel More Deforestation in Brazil

Guyana indigenous people charge land abuses

Scientists begin sweeping project to study California redwoods

INDONESIA: Deforestation leading to fewer resources, more disasters


Jobless Claims in U.S. Increased Last Week to 472,000

Foreclosures: President says some families will lose homes

National debt soars to highest level since WWII

600,000 public job cuts forecast

Unemployment Extension Failure: Americans Face Foreclosure

Irish economy resumes growth, unemployment rises

Half of adults experience work gaps or pay cuts during recession

Fears of renewed recession shake markets around world

U.S. Stocks Extend Losses; S&P 500 Heads for Quarterly Drop

Jobless Claims Show American Job Machine Sputtering in Recovery

Spain's Aaa Rating on Review for Downgrade at Moody's

Fed Officials Avoid Talk of Further Stimulus to Stoke Growth

States seek financial help as new fiscal year begins

New jobless claims rise in sign of weak job market (AP)

Home Sales and Construction Slowed in May

May Auto Sales Fell in June but Rose From 2009

Evidence mounts that recovery is hitting the skids

Concerns rising that economic recovery is slowing (AP)

Factories Ready to Hire, but Skilled Workers Scarce

Emerging Diseases

Economy Wreaks Havoc on Federal AIDS Drug Program

Dengue fever kills 6 in 1st 5 months of 2010

New deal for women, children in Taraba, Nasarawa

Veterans may have contracted AIDS, hepatitis during dental treatment at St ...

TB fears re-ignited after badger vaccination plan abandoned

Researchers In Australia Make Important Malaria Breakthrough

Antioxidants Preserve Cognitive Function in Face of Malaria

3816 malaria cases in June, BMC blames builder apathy

China, US open disease study center in Shanghai

Ebola and Marburg viruses may be much older than thought

Dengue comes back to haunt city again

Over 15000 dengue cases, 85 deaths up to May

Dengue spreading rapidly in South as well

Polio Vaccine Protects with Just One-Fifth Usual Dose

Migrants may change Mumbai's polio stats

More mosquitoes with potential to carry West Nile found in Manitoba

Deadly disease threatens Florida horses

ND Sees First Case of West Nile Virus this Year

Malaria cases on the rise in Mumbai

Breeding guppy fish to curb malaria

Nigeria: 400000 Nigerians Infected by TB

RSPCA says badger vaccination restriction plan is short-sighted

Russia - Bird flu confirmed

Dengue fever infects 80 this week in Rangoon

Millions of vaccine doses to be burned

CDC: West Nile virus illness continue to decline

Endangered Species

Some 70,000 turtle eggs to be whisked far from oil (AP)

Threatened whale sharks seen in Gulf oil spill

Endangered species can be saved, says UN scientist

Concerned about sea turtles, groups plan to sue over burning of oil

Endangered vulture chicks take first flight back from brink of after being ...

Mountain Plover Proposed as Endangered, Again

Rare frog could earn state protection

Seafood Watch recommends avoiding some wild salmon

The wildlife nightmare that is BP

Emerald Hummingbird May Be Endangered

Wyoming grouse team adds protected habitat areas

Red-crowned crane chick, sign of hope for endangered species, now on view at ...

Salmon returns to Columbia River look good so far

Mexican Gray Wolf One Step Closer to Separate Protection Under Endangered ...

Thousands of Endangered Animals Subjected to Wide-scale Assaults from Oil


After Gulf swimmers report illness, questions about opening a beach

Volunteers ready but left out of spill cleanup (AP)

BP spill hits a somber record as Gulf's biggest (AP)

In Reporting on Oil Spill, Limits Persist on Media Access in the Gulf

Oil spill fund might not pay claims related to tourism

Baby Crabs In Gulf Spill Zone Tainted By Oil

World's largest oil skimmer heads to Gulf spill (AP)

Gulf beaches hit as distant hurricane pushes oil (AP)

Banned? Deadly FEMA Trailers from Katrina now used to house women and children; BP Contractor says “perfectly good trailers”

Banned Trailers Return for Latest Gulf Disaster

Alex sends oil onto Gulf roads, beaches

Biologists find oil spill 'dead zones'

Hurricane Alex Disrupts Gulf Oil Spill Response Efforts

Gulf beaches hit as distant hurricane pushes oil (AP)

Oil hitting Mississippi beaches by the ton

Admiral Thad Allen Announces His Retirement From Coast Guard

Cantore: Sub-surface oil to be brought up as shallow water blows onshore from Hurricane (VIDEO)

Environmental historian talks about impacts of oil spill

As oil comes ashore, Ocean Springs official says 'We're in God's hands now'

5 Lessons from the Oil Spill, Courtesy of TED

Foreign Ship Ban Debated in Obama's Response to BP Oil Spill

BP Spill Plan Prepared for Hurricane? Nope

Senate panel votes to end oil spill liability cap

Jindal: More urgency needed in oil spill response

Hurricane Alex Approaches Mexico, Disrupts Oil Spill Cleanup (Video)

A Governor Seals Oil-Spill Records

BP claims czar: Not everyone will get paid

Oil Spill Impacts American Eating Habits

AP names editor to oversee oil spill coverage

Gulf oil spill: Turtle deaths spark legal actions

BP relief well weeks away, hurricane hinders cleanup

Coast Guard looks at magnets to fight oil spill

Oil spill recovery begins on Mississippi's coast

Allen downplays impact of Jones Act on oil spill response

Nigerians angry at oil pollution double standards

US Coast Guard: Alex Still Hurting Oil-Spill Operations

US lawmaker: Oil spill costs may run trillions of dollars

BP Oil Spill Compensation Fund Won't Cover All Losses

Nigeria: Chevron Faults Oil Spill Report in Northern Delta

Mabus assures area leaders that oil spill recovery will be locally-led effort

Issa report questions administration's spill response

Blimp to be added to arsenal in fight against Gulf oil spill

Hurricane Idles Oil Spill Containment Vehicles

Interior Delays Offshore Expansion Hearings

PACE Energy-Efficiency Programs in Jeopardy

Health of Exxon Valdez cleanup workers was never studied

Environmental groups ask Obama to permanently halt offshore drilling

Storm Continues to Hinder Work on Oil Spill

Feinberg Plans 6-Month Payments for Victims of BP Spill: Video

After Alex: Hurricanes + Oil Spill = Trouble

First major oil spill bill passed by House

Florida tests inventors' sand-cleaning ideas (AP)

Famine, Food Shortages, and Poverty

Hunger for millions

Red Cross Appeals for Emergency Funding for Niger Food Crisis

Tackling summer hunger

Arkansas, Texas and Arizona Lead the Nation in Child Food Insecurity

Uzbek farmers fear hunger in ravaged Kyrgyz fields

Childhood malnutrition could weaken brain function in elderly

Poverty trumps education gains

Children Born Poor More Likely to Be Dogged by Poverty


Frustration over threatened Des Moines levee grows (AP)

Des Moines residents leave homes as river rises

12 dead, 2 missing in floods in Romania

Death toll in Brazilian flooding rises to 57

Iowa floods: Cherokee, Lehigh swamped

Romania floods kill at least 20

Romanian, Ukrainian Floods Leave 21 Dead, Force Evacuations

Floods hit north-east Mexico

Floods continue to wreck havoc in Romania, as rain-swollen rivers have overflowed

Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Biotech, and Nanotech

India's tryst with GM Crop: The might of agri science

Stem cell research firm sees widening losses

EU move to break GM deadlock could sow discord

Monsanto v. Geertson Seed Farms: Supreme Court Rules, Everyone Says They Won

Scientists Find Possible Genetic Roots of Type of Hair Loss

Huntington's Disease and international research

Lawsuit Against Obama's Embryonic Stem Cell Policy Reinstated

New hope in fight against skin cancer as deadly 'master cells' are identified ...

Stem cells from fat may help heal bone

Arthritis Patient Successfully Treated With Fat Stem Cells Tells His Story

Nanotech packaging can cut food waste, say experts

Life of plastic solar cells jumps from hours to eight months

Advaxis and Homeland Security Sign Agreement

ARS Releases New Line of Disease, Drought and Heat-Tolerant Beans

Marsupials, bats harbor 'fossil' genes

Genetic Finding May Provide Test for Longevity

Global Warming and Climate Change 

Antarctica: Flow accelerates as glacier melts

Peruvian snags World Bank funding to paint 3 mountaintops white

Democrats Prepared to Scale Back Climate Proposal, Kerry Says

Global warming repeatedly magnified in Arctic over eons

Arctic at risk from global warming: study

UVA fights back against Cuccinelli over global warming subpoena

Global warming 'solution' could backfire

At Top of the World, New Evidence of Melting in the Himalayas

Heed signs of a warming planet before it's too late

Green algae spread quickens off east China coast as temperature rises

Melting Ice and Rising Temperatures

Rising seas map nearly ready for councils

Making the case for climate change

Australian Summit to Boost Global Defenses against Climate Change

Small Creatures and Climate Change: How Warming Can "Shuffle the Deck" of ...

Delaware environment: Rising sea levels threaten coast

Indonesia's last glacier will melt within years

Melting snow inundates parts of Swat

Emissions growth lowest since 1992

Global Water Supply and Drought

Texas keeps stricter E. coli water standards

Extreme drought conditions in Hawaii likely to continue for months

Navajo County Is Suffering Moderate To Severe Drought

Drought could lower yield, say cane farmers

Louisiana struggles with weather

Gov't to issue more shallow water drilling permits

Regional water commission will address looming water shortage

Water shortage may force India, China to import food

Drought threatens global rice supply

Drought Monitor: Relentless Heat In The South-Central Plains, Substantial Rain ...

Government, Politics, and Privacy Issues

High court nominee faces another day of questions (AP)

Bank bill gets patched up, moves closer to passage (AP)

Obama attacks GOP over vision for the country (AP)

Kagan hearings near end with confirmation likely (AP)

As Ethics Cloud Hovers, Rangel Carries On

Army: Poor Oversight Led To Arlington Graves Mix-Up

Documentary raises concerns about air safety agencies

License in China at risk, Google seeks to defuse censorship issue

In Wisconsin, Obama criticizes GOP for blocking his economic agenda

Obama To Sign Iran Sanctions Bill Thursday - White House

Petraeus May Recommend Obama Ditch July 2011 Deadline

Obama Administration Denies Tension with Former President Clinton Over Endorsement

Congress-backed bank reaches deal in Bucyrus sale

Obama and the Fiscal 'Road to Hell'

As Obama steps up border enforcement, advocates rethink their strategy

Obama: Stimulus law worked; selling job didn't

Facebook Launches New Privacy Controls for Third-Party Apps

Vehicle Monitoring Systems Raise Serious Privacy Concerns

Surveillance Camera Privacy Debate Widens

Obama blames politics for delay on immigration (AP)

Gore faces renewed sex assault claim

Mayor Daley lays out strict gun rules for Chicago (AP)

Google says China partially blocks search service


Senator Grassley Seeks Data From Drugmakers on Treatment of Whistleblowers

Prostate-Cancer Test Reduces Deaths From Disease by 50% in Swedish Study

Shire Overstates Benefits of Attention Deficit Drug Intuniv, U.S. FDA Says

Auxilium Testosterone Gel Linked to Heart Problems in Study of Older Men

Low vitamin D levels linked to poor blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes

Doctors test cure for peanut allergy

Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorder

Vitamin B6 and methionine slash lung cancer risk by 50 percent

Conventional doctor's faith in Big Pharma shattered after Glaxo's latest scams

A healthy diet cuts Alzheimer's risk by 40 percent

Gee, really? Study "discovers" that the human body makes its own antibodies to defend against the flu

Antidepressant drug use doubles, destroying lives with senseless medication

UK doctors want to return to Dark Ages of medicine by banning homeopathy

Combination vaccine causes fevers, seizures in kids

New evidence links Avandia drug to serious health risks

It's madness: Psychiatrists now target infants just a few weeks old as having "mental disorders"

Airline food companies cited for unsanitary kitchens

Health overhaul may mean longer ER waits, crowding (AP)

Human Rights

Female Circumcision in Iraqi Kurdistan Still High

Life inside Badam Bagh - Kabul's only prison for women

UK troops human rights appeal verdict due

Mexico rights agency decries slaying of reporter

Rights group urges support for Google in China standoff

'Too sexy' banker files human rights complaint

Gay Advocacy Groups Battle Over Arizona Boycott

Does Global Profit Outrank Human Rights – Women's Rights?

Europe's top court hears school crucifix case

No human rights on the frontline

Rights Group Says Sudan Reform Needed Before Referendum

Amnesty: DRC Falls Short of Human Rights

Amnesty urges Cuba to end political repression

Rights groups demand investigation into Gaza border protest death

Former Argentina dictator to go on trial in rights abuse case

Giving Proper Gravestones to Negro Leagues Players

Iranian woman faces death by stoning

Female Circumcision Rife in Iraqi Kurdistan, Says Report

Supreme court dismisses human rights claims for British soldiers

Italy appeals rights court's school crucifix ban

Attacks on Rwandan Hutu dissidents spark fears of assassination campaign

Invasive Species

Getting to the root of the problem: Invasive plants present major problems for ...

Ships' ballast water - one new alien species enters the Med every nine days

Invasive Species: Stingless Wasps Deployed to Stop Emerald Ash Borers in Minnesota

Wyoming is taking comment on invasive mussel combat plan

Fish sampling for Asian carp

Key factor in Asian carp battle: Can they survive in rivers?

Lawmakers want to speed research to stop Asian carp

Is it Too Late to Stop Asian Carp?

Asian carp forces troubleshooters to dream big

Obama asked to lead fight against Asian carp

Drastic Measures: 8 Wild Ways to Combat Invasive Species

Micro Chips and RFID

First RFID Technology to Monitor Hand Hygiene to be Unveiled at APIC

Advertising begins to incorporate RFID technology

A Chip Off the Old Block: Update on Implanted Microchips


Mining and Mining Pollution

EPA Inexplicably Greenlights WV Mountaintop Removal Permit

EPA's New Guidelines Promising Strict Enforcement of Mountaintop Removal ...

India Ministry Sets Up Second Panel To Probe Vedanta's Mining Project

Virginia Uranium "stacks deck" at public hearing

Uranium Mine Sparks Debate over Nuclear's Future

Misc and Odd News

Researchers seek Little Miss Muffets for fear study (Reuters)

Lock of Napoleon's hair sells for $13,000 (Reuters)

Unusual 17th-century Dutch horse burial site found (AP)

Giant predatory whale named for 'Moby Dick' author (AP)

'Sea monster' fossil unearthed

Ancient slipper saved for posterity

Ten millennia old hunting weapon discovered in melting ice patch

Abercrombie shuts New York store due to bedbugs (Reuters)

Cars with wings may be just around the corner

Natural Disasters

Kamchatka volcano

3.6 magnitude earthquake reported on the Big Island

Small Earthquake Felt in Straits Area

Rare earthquakes raises concerns

Bigger earthquakes expected

Eleven earthquakes rattle Region 8 in 5 days

Two earthquakes in the Northern Cape, Two in Johannesburg

Series of quakes shake Searcy area

Southern Mexico & Mexico City 2010 Earthquake Today

Southern Mexico rattled by earthquake

8 dead, 94 missing after China landslide

Study: Region Unprepared for Massive Quake from New Madrid Fault

Deepwater Horizon lies on tectonic fault line causing earthquakes

Mexico earthquake shakes buildings as far as Mexico City

Earthquakes 2010 Up 133 Percent

Small earthquake on Vendée border

Nuclear, Depleted Uranium and Cluster Bombs

Administration Cannot Drop Bid for Nuclear Waste Dump in Nevada, Panel Finds

With nuclear deal in focus, Zardari heads to China

Distrust persists among nuclear powerhouses

Mullen Sees Iranian Nuke Drive Persisting

Man Builds Homemade Nuclear Reactor in NY

Nuclear Power? 8 Questions Need to Be Answered

FAA fines Indian firms for radioactive cargo on Logan flight

Sanctions haven't slowed Iran's nuclear efforts

US wary of Beijing's nuclear sale to Pakistan

Push for nuclear waste dump in Nevada resumes

Russia floats barge for waterborne nuclear plant

Iran, Turkey, and Brazil to meet on nuclear fuel swap deal: FM

Pesticides and Chemical Pollution

Be wary of bird cages with pesticides

USAID report: Dominican farms still use highly toxic pesticides

Pesticides polluting national parks

USA. EPA moves to cancel all uses of toxic pesticide Endosulfan

Are bees still in trouble? Does buying organic honey help?

Toxic Norwegian farmed salmon poisons French food relations

Study Links Pesticides in Produce to Developmental Problems

Synthetic and Natural Supplements Not Free From Chemicals

Pesticide Methyl Iodide May Be Okayed For Strawberries

Strawberry Fields Forever Plagued By Pesticides

Norwegian farmed salmon pesticide sours food relations

Pesticide levels 'safe' claims report

Pollution and Toxic Waste

All that noise, yet we suffer in silence

GE Loses Challenge to Superfund Law in Hudson Pollution Case

The Pollution of Smokers

London pollution 'causes 4267 early deaths'

Light pollution

Superfund tax would hasten toxic site clean-up in NM

Close ally of Ivory Coast president on hook for taking victim's funds

Clock ticking on growing toxic waste pile

Problems found in DEA cleanups of clandestine labs

Peru: Toxic waste polluting Opamayo river may reach the Amazon

Manure a major cause of Chesapeake Bay pollution

Local Amish farmers hear plea to cut pollution

German Airports Use Bees As Biodetectives For Air Pollution

Cerro, Pharmacia named in another suit over Sauget pollution

Emissions Soar in China and India

Britain Seeks to Curb Emissions by Abandoning Airport Growth

Product Recalls

Toyota engines could prompt another recall

Southern Technologies Recalls Drill Presses Due to Shock Hazard

Sony Vaio laptop in mass 'recall'

Kid's toxic jewelry recall – includes Happy Charm Bracelets

Whom to contact on Shrek glass, Jeep recalls

Texas Firm Recalls Cervelat Sausage Product due to an Undeclared Allergen

Felt Bicycle: Recalls on Felt Bicycles due to fall hazard

Consumer Product Recalls

Recalls: computers, scuba gear, tuna, bathrobes

Regulators Haven't Found Electronic Defects In Toyotas

Power Adapters Sold With Heated Pet Beds Recalled

Violation of Federal Flammability Standard Prompts Christy Recall of Women’s Robes Sold Exclusively at Bloomingdales

Children’s Jewelry Recalled by SmileMakers Due to High Levels of Cadmium

Aqua Lung America Recalls Apeks WTX Power Inflators Due to Drowning Hazard

Ski Boot Sole Pads with Steel Inserts and All-Terrain Ski Boots configured with them Recalled by Salomon USA Due to Fall Hazard

Slavery, Exploitation, and Human Trafficking

Sale of people in Europe worth $3B a year

Global human trafficking roundup (June 30, 2010)

Trends In Trafficking

IGP raises alarm over increasing human trafficking

Queens madam forced young Korean women into lives of sex slavery in LI massage

Human Trafficking And Slavery A Modern Abomination

Saudi Arabia's Modern Day Slavery

Illegal empire exposed

Worker rights group slams Jabil Circuit factory conditions in China

Slavery a £1.9bn problem for Europe

Slavery in the 21st Century

Taking a stand on UK sex slavery

Feds Bust Ukrainian Trafficking Ring

Space, Science, and Technology

Motorbikes Could Run Efficiently on Air (

NASA makes it official: It wants a big new rocket

Lockheed Martin to get $163M from NASA to keep Orion work going

NASA pics from space: Lunar eclipse, Alex and Gulf oil spill

Raser, Hyundai to develop electric trucks

NASA Program Remains Uncertain After House Vote

NASA releases astounding satellite image of Hurricane Alex

Supersonic Concept Plane Would Shush Sonic Booms

NASA delays end of space shuttle program to 2011 (AP)

Wars and Conflicts

NKorea: G-8 'evil' for criticism over ship sinking

Killers Stalk Politicians as Iraq Seeks Government

2 police officers killed in Iraq shootout

Obama: Military overburdened in Iraq, Afghanistan

Mothers of jailed Americans appeal to Iran leader

Court overturns troop rights ruling

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4409 on Tuesday

Afghanistan war toll hits high mark

Taliban attack Afghanistan Nato base

Some Afghan military officers to get training in Pakistan

British troops may be last to leave Afghanistan

Afghanistan: June death toll reaches 102 for Western troops, a record

Some Afghan military officers to receive training in Pakistan

Living soldier could get Medal of Honor

Tensions build in East Jerusalem

MoD faces court action over conduct of troops in Iraq

US to cut $4bn in Afghan aid

Lahore bomb blasts kill at least 35

Dozens Die In Bombings At Pakistani Shrine

NATO intensifies attacks on Taliban leaders

Suicide blasts kill dozens in Pakistan

4 Killed In Attack On USAID Compound In Afghanistan

Iran sanctions kick in, and Ahmadinejad says he'll ban Coca-Cola

Weird Weather

Australians shiver through coldest winter morning in 30 years

Hurricane Alex churns toward Mexico, Texas coasts (AP)

Hurricane May Strengthen While Avoiding a Direct Hit on Oil Slick

3 heat-related deaths in Maryland; temperature records broken

Heat claims 2 more Md. seniors, for total of 5 killed

Four deaths linked to what is likely Philly's hottest June on record

Heat wave melts record; storms should bring relief

Hurricane to backhand south Texas

Hurricane Alex pushing more oil on Florida beaches

Heatwave causes jump in number of car breakdowns

North India in grip of heatwave

Hurricane Alex drenches northern Mexico, Texas (AP)

Hurricane Alex pounds northern Mexico; at least 2 killed


Alaskan Wildfires Continue to Grow

Flagstaff cancels July 4th fireworks

Wildfire evacuations raise insurance concerns

Wildfires plague high country

Alaskan Wildfires Continue to Burn

Flagstaff wildfires: Schultz Fire update, 90% contained, mop up continues

Massive wildfire still burns in Manitoba