Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed”
Mahatma Gahandi

     With rampant social decline, crime, wars, disease, natural disasters, unnatural weather events and fears of global warming, economic disorder, pollution, and the disastrous effects of corporate greed, the societies of the world are on the brink of a catastrophe the likes of which, in Earth’s recorded history, has never before been seen.
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July 5, 2010

Animals and Animal Rights

Factory Farming: Landmark Animal Rights Agreement in Ohio

Liberia: The Economic Void of the President's Bushmeat Ban

Central African bushmeat hits European market

Animal rights activists target Stampede sponsors

Animal groups win victory in pit bull ban row

Animal rights activists planning new war on test labs

Local horse traders targeted by animal rights Web site

PETA make appearance for Queen's visit

PETA protests treatment of circus animals

Sylvia Earle: Swimming with sharks and oil

Demonstrators Demand End To Exploitation Of Carriage Horses

Child Labor and Abuse

Child trafficking report a call for action: MP

DOL Updates Child Labor Laws

Legislature passes bill to protect domestic workers

Slavery in Haiti, Again (Or: What's the Worth of a Haitian Child, Part II)

War Child and the Bosnian war 15 years on

New York Times Correspondent Facing Arrest over Child Soldier Interviews Flees

Africa: Faces in Words

Belgian Catholic committee on child sexual abuse dismantled after raid

AEPC releases draft codes on child labour

38 kids rescued from bag factory

Coral Reefs and Oceans

Baker Beach Waters Reopen After Toxic Bacteria Pollution Scare

Hidden Deep-Sea Corals Revealed

Study Suggests More Fish Than Thought May Thrive in the Ocean's Depths

Scientists Discover Source of Essential Nutrients for Open-Ocean Algae

MMS lawsuit: Former MMS faces lawsuit over Gulf of Mexico seismic surveys

Deep-sea mining adds to fears of marine pollution

Deepwater Corals Are Out of Sight, But They Shouldn't Be Out of Mind

Coral bleaching noted in NegOr coral reefs

Corporate News

Blackstone to invest $1-1.5 bln in India infrastructure

Private Equity Activity Starting To Pick Up In Australia

Some NY hedge fund execs may escape new tax

Financial News: Carlyle Chief 'Bullish' On Africa

Toyota Safety and Quality Issues Continue to Mount

Biggs Sells Technology Stocks on Concern `Soft Patch' to Worsen

Stanford Headquarters Sells for $12.5 Million as Auction Flops

Apple Responds to IPhone Complaints With Signal Software Fix

Monsanto 3Q net income sags on weak Roundup sales

Monsanto Introduces New Product

Oil Companies Reap Billions From Subsidies


21 killed in Mexican gang shootout near US border

Toy company accused of laundering drug money (AP)

Drug war fears cast pall across Mexican elections

Drug seizure made at U.S.-Mexico border crossing

Report: US banks laundering money for Mexican drug war

Paterson Urged to Veto Limit on Stop-and-Frisk List

Oakland police layoffs could imperil public safety, chief says

Ecuadoreans, DEA seize drug-smuggling submarine (AP)

In 'Murder City' and beyond, fear seizes Mexican elections

Deforestation and Desertification

EDF crunches the numbers for climate change

From Carbon Sink to Carbon Source, The Amazon Rainforest Continues to Deteriorate

Small scale Bolvian farmers take up community reforestation

How one scientist is battling deforestation in Madagascar


US Forest Report May Fuel More Deforestation in Brazil

Kailali in throes of rampant deforestation

Amazon and Atlantic Forest under threat: politicians press to dilute Brazil's ...

Proposed Changes To Brazil's Forest Code Could Cause Massive Deforestation

Fate of the Amazon hangs in balance

Save trees

UN warned over logging corruption


BP spill may lead to higher oil prices: analysts

Economic Signs Suggest A Bleak Road Ahead

Warning of second credit crunch as lenders warn of worsening mortgage drought

Bypassing Equity Funds, Wealthy Families Try Direct Investing

US Retail Stocks Mixed After Monthly Jobs Report

Ministers ordered to brace themselves for 40% cuts

Employment Shortfall Sets the Stage for Slowdown in U.S. Economic Recovery

U.S. Stocks Slump, Sending Dow Average to Longest Losing Streak Since 2008

Treasury Two-Year Yield Drops to Record Low on U.S. Jobs, China Growth

Korean Won, Indian Rupee Have Biggest Weekly Drops Among Asian Currencies

Manhattan Apartment Sales Surge to Two-Year High as Wall Street Adds Jobs

Foreclosed Homes Sell at 27% Discount as Supply Grows

Nasdaq-100 Index Posts Record Losing Streak as Microsoft, Apple Retreat

Ukraine to Get $14.9 Billion From IMF in Deal Conditional on Deficit Cuts

Emerging Diseases

Venezuelan Grassroots Take On Dengue Epidemic

HIV Activists Pressure US Government over AIDS Funding

Veterans May Have Been Exposed to AIDS at St. Louis VA Hospital During Dental

Malaria grips Arunachal

Governments urged to introduce traditional treatment methods

South Africa: Early Detection of TB Among HIV-Infected Could Avert Many Deaths

Deadly disease neglected

New study links bird flu to waterfowl preening

Bali travel warning after dengue fever outbreak

Governor Pat Quinn Saves AIDS Drugs Program From Illinois Budget Wreck

UK - Badgers and Bovine TB

Endangered Species

BP Gulf oil spill: Turtles to be protected from 'burn boxes'

Wolves Earn Reprieve as Hunt Is Halted

Pups offer hope for wolf breed near extinction

Tiny birds, big trouble

Whale Sharks Threatened by Gulf Oil Spill; 5 Other Animal Species at Risk

Conservationists try to stop Ore. wolf kill order

Endangered species brings end to fight against noxious weed

Herbicides destroy rare orchids on federal land

44 species of W Ghats orchids may fade out


Facing the Future as a Media Felon on the Gulf Coast

First Amendment Suspended In The Gulf

BP launches search for new investors: report (Reuters)

Oil-Collecting Vessel Hampered by High Waves in Gulf

BP oil spill: oil giant explores Middle East investment to fend off rivals

BP asks partners to pay $400m

US Expands No-Fishing Zone In Gulf Of Mexico Over Oil Spill

Sinking oil threatens historic Gulf shipwrecks

Big waves in the gulf sideline oil skimmers again

Oil spill takes boom out of holiday weekend

More BP oil spill fallout: Seaside fireworks displays cut back

Oil Found in Gulf Beach Sand, Even After Cleanups

BP and Feds trying to hide oil spill effects?

Should BP nuke its leaking well?

Miss. Sound shut to all fishing after oil sighting

US House Removes Liability Caps In Wake Of Oil Spill

US Energy Adviser Browner Backs No Cap For Oil-Spill Liabilities

Oil Spills Raise Ocean's Arsenic Level, Create 'Toxic Time Bomb'

Storm Still Fouling BP Oil Spill Response In Gulf

Another oil spill mystery: Who's in charge of research?

BP Oil Spill: Tourism Industry Suffering on July 4th Weekend

Tests Start on Giant Oil Skimmer in Gulf

BP clean-up leaves US vulnerable to another spill

Gulf Oil Spill: The Plight of the Sea Turtles

Birds Struggle to Survive a 'Brown Summer' In BP Spill's Wake

Oil spill workers getting masks

Food safety concerns mount as oil found in Gulf crabs

BP Criminal Charges in Oil Spill May Be Foregone Conclusion, Analysts Say

Animals Most Endangered By The Gulf Oil Spill (PHOTOS)

Simulation predicts oil spill spread

Smaller Oil Firms Might Exit Gulf, Browner Says

New spill claims outpacing BP payouts

This Land: In a Refuge Haunted by Katrina, BP Swirls In

Gulf oil spill: Will it hit Miami, Fort Lauderdale soon?

BP: Skimmers back on the seas after Hurricane Alex

Federal judge tries to streamline oil spill suits (AP)

BP oil spill: A subdued Fourth of July on Louisiana's Grand Isle

A real catastrophe that will only worsen

Deal struck to save turtles from Gulf oil burns

Oil Leak Update:Oil Containment Cap Is Coming Loose

A Life on the Water, Drying Up

BP incident may be top peacetime oil spill

Treachery in The Gulf

The Oil Spill: Will BP Face Criminal Charges?

Groups challenge pipeline's environmental impact

Photographer Detained Briefly by BP and Local Police

Gulf oil spill: BP grants $500 million for independent research

Churches, nonprofits fight for survival amid spill

BP asks Mitsui for 111 million dollars to help cover oil spill expenses

BP bracing for shake-up: report

World oil supplies to run out faster than expected

BP oil now being found in Gulf of Mexico seafood

Famine, Food Shortages, and Poverty

UN food relief doubled for millions in drought-hit Niger

How Goldman Sachs Caused a 'Silent Mass Murder,' Gambling on Starvation in the

USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street Caught off Guard by Severity

Niger food crisis could cost a generation - WFP chief


North Korea food crisis prompts lifting of restrictions on private markets

Uzbek farmers fear hunger in ravaged Kyrgyz fields

Scientist predicts fish famine in Goa

Childhood hunger research findings released

Quick way to detect US child hunger

Child malnutrition hurts brain later

Poverty rates growing in Ohio, Ky.

Big differences in health for African American, Latino boys


Flood emergency declared in Yorkton, Sask.

6 dead in Mexico in floods caused by Alex

Alex's aftermath brings flash flood watches to Texas

2000 more evacuated amid Romania floods

Floods hit north-east Mexico

Officials keeping tabs on flooding downstream from Des Moines

Romania flood death toll climbs to 25: official

Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Biotech, and Nanotech

Stem-cell work closes a door to AIDS virus

Uganda: Animal Health - Beware of Animal Diseases in Bioterrorism

UK votes for GM maize imports but application fails to win approval

Belgium takes over EU presidency

Governments and courts must consider environmental risks

Nanotech packaging can cut food waste

Genes help centenarians, healthy diet helps you to live longer

Genetic Discovery Could Pave Way for Baldness Cure

Ozzy Osbourne : Prince Of Genetics?

Global Warming and Climate Change 

Low-lying Tuvalu naturally fighting climate change

Global CO2 Trends Show Scope of Climate Challenge

Rising Sea Levels Could Threaten Delaware Coast

Asia: Himalayas, within 20 years over a billion victims of climate change

US scientist in race to learn from Indonesia's dying glacier

Scientists study redwoods' reaction to warming

Biologist Warns Of Danger From Rising Sea Levels

Indonesia's melting glaciers

Global Water Supply and Drought

WNC drought advisory stems from dry, hot June

The Thirst Project: Using Water to Build Better Lives

Water: The new source of conflict

Canadians Flushing Great Lakes Water Down the Toilet

Return of rain fails to calm fears of drought

Victoria Grants $370000 To Farmers Impacted By Drought

Water: Canada's secret ingredient for Afghan development

Using the rays of the sun to convert sea- to drinking water

Clean Water Scarce for 3 Billion People Worldwide

Government, Politics, and Privacy Issues

Schwarzenegger orders min wage for state workers (AP)

Obama awards $2B for solar power, hails new jobs (AP)

Payback Time: Budget in the Red, Illinois Has Stopped Paying Bills

Diplomatic Memo: Nudge on Arms Further Divides U.S. and Israel

Republican Steele Under Fire for Afghanistan Remarks, Praised by Ron Paul

U.S. House Approves Restrictions on Deals Between Drugmakers

Obama's immigration speech echoes Bush in policy, rhetoric

Obama Announces $2B in Grants for Clean Energy Jobs

Conservatives push for Steele's resignation

Petraeus Seeks Unity in Afghan Effort

Rafsanjani blasts Obama's anti-Iran moves

US court seeks more evidence to hold terror detainees

$800 Million in Stimulus Will Expand Broadband

Senate GOP leader opposes Kagan (AP)

Poland votes for new president (AFP)


Nearly a million Britons may have had their organ donation wishes improperly recorded

Bitter melon extracts block breast cancer

High-glycemic carbohydrates lead to heart disease

Baby making industry creating children with malformations, parents not told of risks

Can you really eat your way to happiness? The mood food connection

Weight Loss Drugs Produce Only Minimal Weight Loss, Even After Taking Them for Years

Trans fats kill 7,000 a year in the UK, but government won't outlaw it

Get ready for emergency room waiting lines across USA

Driving while blind? Maybe, with new high-tech car

Human Rights

Prosperity vs. Human Rights: The Dalai Lama's Urgent Message for the West

China Jails Tibetan Environmentalist

Clinton says steel vise crushing global activists (AP)

UN to set up agency promoting women's rights

Argentine ex-dictator faces human rights charges

European unity tested over crucifixes in classroom

Rights group: Israel violates medical ethics

More Brutality In Iran

Iranian barbarians stone to death a woman as the world looks on

Investigate election-related abuses, rights body tells Sudan

Immigration Reform Must Ensure Refugee Protection

Invasive Species

State law aims to contain invasive species

Attack of the aquatic invaders

Boaters urged to help protect lakes from invasive species

Sudden oak death presents new threat to SC forests

Invasive Cane Toads to Thrive In Warmer World

Campers and Boaters Unknowingly Spread Invasive Species in Missouri

Young zebra mussel found in the Red River

Invasive Asian carp may move up Ohio river

Asian carp steadily moving up Indiana

Ships Dump New Alien Species Into the Mediterranean Every Nine Days

Biologists say the spread of the invasive Pacific oyster in Danish waters is a ...

Voracious tree-eating beetles invade Italy

Micro Chips and RFID

Indian government implementing electronic toll system

Auditors urge more testing for RFID travel documents

The Future of Barcoding and RFID

Savi unveils chip designed to streamline RFID development

A Chip Off the Old Block: Update on Implanted Microchips

Mining and Mining Pollution

The cost of regulating Wisconsin's coal ash

EPA: Kennecott needs no fed permit for Mich. mine

Deaf to 'Music Saves Mountains,' EPA Approves New Surface Coal Mine

Call to defuse toxic mining water time bomb

Where's the Outrage? EPA Betrays Coalfields (Again) With New Mountaintop ...

There Are Mountains and There Are Mountains

A Major Pollutant Goes Unregulated

Misc and Odd News

Congo: Red Cross says 204 dead in oil explosion (AP)

Alligator takes late-night stroll through town (Reuters)

Scientists peer inside a python

Horses take off, injure 24 people at Iowa parade

Wyoming threatens to sell prime Grand Teton land

Natural Disasters

Birmingham sink hole snarls holiday interstate traffic

7.2 Mexicali earthquake made 2 other California faults riskier

Another Earthquake Recorded in Northwest Arkansas

Mild earthquake hits Andaman Islands again

Small earthquakes reported in Okla

Scientists Fly Over Southern Calif. To Assess Faults, Earthquake Risk

Central States Unprepared for 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake

Survey looks for fault lines beneath Cascades

Moderate earthquake rattles the Banda Sea, off Indonesia

Study Paints Grim New Madrid Quake Scenario

Still homeless from Haiti earthquake, thousands fight forced evictions

Death toll from SW China landslide rises to 42

Potential Landslide Puts 2340 People At Risk In South China

Landslide Blocks Railroad to Machu Picchu, but Not Tourist Visits

Strong earthquake hits northeastern Japan

Nuclear, Depleted Uranium and Cluster Bombs

China, Pakistan reach nuclear energy deal

Iran moves radar to Syria: US official

Group Seeking To Turn Yucca Mountain Into Research Site Applauds Ruling ...

Toxic Exposure – the Environmental Reality of Wars

2 Nuclear Power Plants Approved by Finland

Greenpeace activists fined for Sweden nuclear protest

Netherlands - Verhagen urges swift ratification of cluster munitions convention

FAA fines two India cos. For uranium cargo

Army official: We never meant to clean up DU

Mali ratifies cluster bomb ban treaty

Pesticides and Chemical Pollution

Pesticides put the unborn at cancer risk

Israeli company invests $1 billion in pesticides

The Dirty Dozen In Fs & Vs

New EPA rules could halt mosquito spraying

FDA Must Consider Ruling on Plastics Chemical, Environmental Group Says

UK: Pesticides may put unborn children at greater cancer risk

Top 12 fruits and veggies with pesticides: Sometimes washing and peeling is ...

Triclosan may be harmful to health, says FDA

NRDC sues FDA to halt BPA chemical in food packaging

Pollution and Toxic Waste

Texas Air Pollution Controls Too Lax, EPA Says

New pollution limits for Chesapeake Bay proposed

Water pollution spreading in the Valley

Ultrafine pollution particles may heighten asthmatic allergic inflammation risk

Air Pollution Doesn't Increase Risk of Preeclampsia, Early Delivery, Study Finds

Hybrid Plant Shelved in California

Nigeria: Forfeiture Awaits Toxic Cargo Ships

Ecuador's oil-waste victims share solidarity

Oil spill cleanup waste might be heading to local landfills

US state quarantine cattle over gas drilling fluid

Kentucky Awards $3.5 Million in Grant Money to Boost Recycling

Developing nations face environmental crisis from e-waste

Product Recalls

Product Recalls: dog treats

Recalls this week: Sony laptops, kids' jewelry

New Smartphone App Alerts Consumers to Food and Product Recall Info, Allows ...

Recalls of the rewards your children receive at their doctor's office due to ...

Tri-Union Seafoods recalls tuna

Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: Everything You Need To Know

Product Recalls: cat food

CPSC Posts Recall to Its Web Site

Women's Robes Sold At Bloomingdales Recalled For Fire Risk

Toyota to Recall Lexus Models in U.S., Japan for Engine Flaws

Sony recalls 535000 Vaio computers worldwide

Colorado firm recalls bison meat over E.coli scare

Feline's Pride Recalls Chicken Formula Cat Food

Slavery, Exploitation, and Human Trafficking

S'pore responds to US human trafficking report

Mexico Ups Penalties for Migrant Trafficking

UN targets human trafficking for prostitution

Slavery claim at India Mission to the UN

Veteran exploitation under scrutiny

Ukraine may re-probe human trafficking case

Nigeria: FG, EU Unite Against Human Trafficking in Abuja

Route For Human Traffickers

Leading Human Rights Groups to Protest at Craigslist's HQ on 7/08/10

End modern-day slavery in our homes

Near Slave Labor Sweat Shops in China Lead to Worker Suicides

Space, Science, and Technology

Russian spaceship 'under control'

New US satellite to monitor debris in Earth orbit (AP)

Supply ship fails to dock with space station

NASA launches flights to assess quake risk

NASA Cuts 8-Foot Hole in a 747, Bolts in Huge Telescope

NASA & Space Florida Break Ground on Next-Gen Sci-Tech Park

NASA Space Flight Funding Plan Stymies Congress, Obama Administration

NASA's Project M to land a robot on the Moon proceeds apace, despite no formal ...

Space resupply vessel to try again

Wars and Conflicts

Pakistanis blame US after shrine attack kills 42 (AP)

VP Biden arrives in Iraq amid political impasse (AP)

U.S. Rushes to Complete Only Some Iraq Projects

Kyrgyzstan's Caretaker President Sworn In

Iraq rejects Turkish plea for intervention against rebels

Overcoming taboo, Iraq turns to dogs to fight bombs

Senators: Iraq needs new government soon

Iraq war probe to grill Blair again

Week In News: Petraeus Takes Over In Afghanistan

8 Americans safe after suicide strike in Afghanistan

As US fights, China spends to gain Afghan foothold

Afghanistan: British commander in Helmand believes troops need to stay 10 years

Weird Weather

Hurricane Alex Takes Six Lives In Floods

Weird weather brings tomato diseases

Canada: Short strawberry season because of weird weather

Evacuations follow twister on Saskatchewan reserve

Maryland reports sixth heat-related death

Lubbock sees record rainfall from remnants of Hurricane Alex

Heatwave to continue in China for next three days: NMC

World's biggest cake melting in Paris heatwave

Dangerous waves expected this holiday weekend


Campfire, work crew blamed in Vegas-area wildfires

Soggy conditions smother most Interior Alaska wildfires

Wildfires prompt voluntary evacuations near Vegas

Forest workers stay busy with new wildfires

Officials Report Major Progress on Both Moapa and Mount Charleston Wildfires

North Rim wildfire being allowed to burn

Two fires under control but third blaze continues