Anomalies In The Lost Books

The Immortals

Part 22

Other Beings

The Old Woman Appears To Hermas In His Home
1st Hermas 2:34
After this I saw a vision in my own house: the old woman whom I had seen before came to me and asked me whether I had yet delivered her book to the elders of the church. I answered that I had not yet.

The Old Woman Appears To Hermas In A Vision
1st Hermas 3:1
The vision which I saw, brethren, was this: 2 When I had often fasted and prayed to the Lord so that he would give me the revelation he had promised by the old woman to show to me, the same night she appeared and said to me:

The Old Woman And Six Young Men (Angels) Appear
1st Hermas 3:9
And while I was doing this, the old woman came there with the six young men whom I had seen before, and stood behind me as I was praying, and heard me praying and confessing my sins to the Lord.

A Virgin With Shining Hair Is Seen By Hermas
1st Hermas 4:14
After I had passed by it and was gone forward about thirty feet, behold there met me a certain virgin, well adorned as if she had just come out of her bridal chamber, all in white, having on white shoes, a veil down her face, and covered with shining hair.

Hermas Sees The 12 Virgins At The Gate
3rd Hermas 9:15
Around the gate stood twelve virgins, of which four who stood at the corners of the gate seemed to me to be the chiefest, although the rest were also of worth.

The Angel Sends The Virgins To Dwell With Hermas
3rd Hermas 10:15
Moreover, I have sent these virgins to dwell with you, for I have seen that they are very kind to you. You will therefore have them for your helpers, so that you may the better keep the commands which he has given you; for these commands cannot be kept without these virgins.

The Heavens Open Up And A Lady Appears
Hermas 1:5 And as I was praying, the heaven was opened, and I saw the woman whom I had coveted, saluting me from heaven and saying, Hermas, hail! And I looking upon her, answered, Lady, what are you doing here? She answered, I have been brought up here to accuse you of sin before the Lord.

The Heavens Are Shut
1st Hermas 1:13
But pray to the Lord, and he will heal your sins, and the sins of your whole house, and of all his saints. 14 As soon as she had spoken these words the heavens were shut, and I remained utterly swallowed up with sadness and fear. I said to myself, If this be laid against me for sin, how can I be saved?

The Prince Of The Apostates Is Fastened On The Fifth Heaven
Secrets Of Enoch 7:2
And I said to the men who were with me: Wherefore are these incessantly tortured? They answered me: These are Godís apostates, who obeyed not Godís commands, but took counsel with their own will, and turned away with their prince, who also is fastened on the fifth heaven.

Enoch Sees Phoenixes and Chalkydri
Secrets Of Enoch 12:1
And I looked and saw other flying elements of the sun, whose names are Phoenixes and Chalkydri, marvellous and wonderful, with feet and tails in the form of a lion, and a crocodileís head, their appearance is empurpled, like the rainbow; their size is nine hundred measures, their wings are like those of angels, each has twelve, and they attend and accompany the sun, bearing heat and dew, as it is ordered them from God.

The Phoenixes And Chalkydri Break Into Song
Secrets Of Enoch 15:1
Then the elements of the sun, called Phoenixes and Chalkydri break into song, therefore every bird flutters with its wings, rejoicing at the giver of light, and they broke into song at the command of the Lord.

The Angels Take Enoch To The Fifth Heaven, He Sees The Grigori, Beings Of Immense Size
Secrets Of Enoch 18:1
The men took me on to the fifth heaven and placed me, and there I saw many and countless soldiers, called Grigori, of human appearance, and their size was greater than that of great giants and their faces withered, and the silence of their mouths perpetual, and their was no service on the fifth heaven, and I said to the men who were with me: (Could also go under flight)

The Grigori Rejected The Lord Of Light
Secrets Of Enoch 18:3
And they said to me: These are the Grigori, who with their prince Satanail rejected the Lord of light, and after them are those who are held in great darkness on the second heaven, and three of them went down on to earth from the Lordís throne, to the place Ermon, and broke through their vows on the shoulder of the hill Ermon and saw the daughters of men how good they are, and took to themselves wives, and befouled the earth with their deeds, who in all times of their age made lawlessness and mixing, and giants are born and marvellous big men and great enmity.

The Brethren Of The Grigori Are Under Earth
Secrets Of Enoch 18:5
And I said to the Grigori: I saw your brethren and their works, and their great torments, and I prayed for them, but the Lord has condemned them to be under earth till the existing heaven and earth shall end for ever.

The Archangels, Phoenixes and Cherubim
Secrets Of Enoch 19:3
These are the archangels (1) who are above angels, measure all life in heaven and on earth, and the angels who are appointed over seasons and years, the angels who are over rivers and sea, and who are over the fruits of the earth, and the angels who are over every grass, giving food to all, to every living thing, and the angels who write all the souls of men, and all their deeds, and their lives before the Lordís face; in their midst are six Phoenixes and six Cherubim and six six-winged ones continually with one voice singing one voice, and it is not possible to describe their singing, and they rejoice before the Lord at his footstool.

The Heavenly Beings Sing Praises To God
Secrets Of Enoch 21:1
And the cherubim and seraphim standing about the throne, the six-winged and many-eyed ones do not depart, standing before the Lordís face doing his will, and cover his whole throne, singing with gentle voice before the Lordís face: Holy, holy, holy, Lord Ruler of Sabaoth, heavens and earth are full of Your glory.

God Summons Archas
Secrets Of Enoch 26:1
And I summoned the very lowest a second time, and said: Let Archas come forth hard, and he came forth hard from the invisible. 2 And Archas came forth, hard, heavy, and very red. 3 And I said: Be opened, Archas, and let there be born from you, and he came undone, an age came forth, very great and very dark, bearing the creation of all lower things, and I saw that it was good and said to him:

Four Trumpets Sound
Secrets Of Enoch 18:7
And they listened to my admonition, and spoke to the four ranks in heaven, and lo! As I stood with those two men four trumpets trumpeted together with great voice, and the Grigori broke into song with one voice, and their voice went up before the Lord pitifully and affectingly.

The Watchers Lusted After The Women Of Earth
Reuben 2:18
For thus they allured the Watchers who were before the flood; for as these continually beheld them, they lusted after them, and they conceived the act in their mind; for they changed themselves into the shape of men, and appeared to them when they were with their husbands.

Seven Men In White Raiment
Levi 3:14
And I saw seven men in white raiment saying unto me: Arise, put on the robe of the priesthood, and the crown of righteousness, and the breastplate of understanding, and the garment of truth, and the plate of faith, and the turban of the head, and the ephod of prophecy.

The Watchers Changed The Order Of Their Nature
Naphtali 1:27
In like manner the Watchers also changed the order of their nature, whom the Lord cursed at the flood, on whose account He made the earth without inhabitants and fruitless.

A Bull With The Wings Of An Eagle
Napthali 2:6
And lo, a bull upon the earth, with two great horns, and an eagle's wings upon its back; and we wished to seize him; but could not.

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