Anomalies In The Lost Books

The Immortals

Part 3

The Angels

An Angel Speaks to Ezra
2nd Esdras 4:1
Then the angel that had been sent to me, whose name was Uriel, answered 2 and said to me, "Your understanding has utterly failed regarding this world, and do you think you can comprehend the way of the Most High?"

2nd Esdras The Angel Comes And Speaks to Ezra Again
When I had spoken these words, the angel who had come to me on a previous night was sent to me, 32 and he said to me, "Listen to me, and I will instruct you; pay attention to me, and I will tell you more."

The Angel Appears to Ezra Again
2nd Esdras 7:1
When I had finished speaking these words, the angel who had been sent to me on the former nights was sent to me again, 2 and he said to me, "Rise, Ezra, and listen to the words that I have come to speak to you."

Pilate Is Beheaded And Procla Dies After Seeing An Angel
Trial of Pilate: 23
 And the Prefect cut off the head of Pilate, and behold, an angel of the Lord received it. 24. And when his wife Procla saw the angel come and receive his head, she also, being filled with joy, immediately gave up the ghost and was buried with her husband.

An Angel Troubles The Waters Of A Pool And The Water Cures Infirmities
Nicodemus 5:14
And he said, I lay for thirty - eight years by the sheep- pool at Jerusalem, labouring under a great infirmity, and waiting for a cure which should be wrought by the coming of an angel, who at a certain time troubled the water; and whosoever first after the troubling of the water stepped in, was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. 15 And when Jesus saw me languishing there, he said to me, Wilt thou be made whole? And I answered, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool. 16 And he said unto me, Rise, take up thy bed and walk. And I was immediately made whole, and took up my bed and walked.

The Sepulchre Stone Is Rolled Away By An Angel With A Countenance Like Lightening
Nicodemus 10:3
That while they were guarding the sepulchre of Jesus, there was an earthquake; and we saw an angel of God roll away the stone of the sepulchre and sit upon it; 4 And his countenance was like lightning and his garment like snow; and we became through fear like persons dead.

Joseph Of Arimathaea Sees Angels And Jesus Shining Brightly
Nicodemus 11:20
But while I was standing at prayer in the middle of the night, the house was surrounded with four angels; and I saw Jesus as the brightness of the sun, and fell down upon the earth for fear.

The Angel Michael Appears To Seth
Nicodemus 14:3
Then Seth, coming near to the patriarchs and prophets, said, I Seth, when I was praying to God at the gates of Paradise, beheld the angel of the Lord, Michael appear unto me saying, I am sent unto thee from the Lord; I am appointed to preside over human bodies.

An Angel And A Light Appear To Joachim
Birth of Mary 2:1
But when he had been there for some time, on a certain day when he was alone, the angel of the Lord stood by him in a prodigious light. 2 To whom, being troubled at the appearance, the angel who had appeared to him endeavored to compose him by saying: 3 Be not afraid, Joachim, nor troubled at the sight of me, for I am an angel of the Lord sent by him to you, that I might inform you that your prayers are heard and your alms have ascended to the sight of God.

An Angel Appears To Anna
Birth of Mary 3:1
Afterwards the angel appeared to Anna his wife saying: Fear not, neither think that which you see is a spirit. 2 For I am that angel who has offered up your prayers and alms before God, and am now sent to you that I may inform you that a daughter will be born unto you, who shall be called Mary, and shall be blessed above all women.

Angels Minister To Mary
Birth of Mary 5:2
For she every day had the conversation of angels, and every day received visitors from God, which preserved her from all sorts of evil and caused her to abound with all good things;

The Angel Gabriel Appears To Mary And The Room Fills With A Bright Light
Birth of Mary 7:1
Now at this time of her first coming into Galilee, the angel Gabriel was sent to her from God to declare to her the conception of our Savior and the manner and way of her conceiving him. 2 Accordingly going to her, he filled the chamber where she was with a prodigious light, and in a most courteous manner saluting her, he said,

Mary IS Not Astonished By The Angel Or The Bright Light From Heaven
Birth of Mary 7:4
But the Virgin, who had before been well acquainted with the countenances of angels, and to whom such light from heaven was no uncommon thing, 5 Was neither terrified with the vision of the angel, nor astonished at the greatness of the light, but only troubled about the angel's words:

An Angel appears to Joseph
Birth of Mary 8:8
But while he was meditating on these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared to him in his sleep, and said, Joseph, son of David, fear not;

Angels Appear To Anna
Protevangelion 4:1
Then an angel of the Lord stood by her and said, "Anna, Anna, the Lord has heard your prayer. You shall conceive and bring forth, and your progeny shall be spoken of in all the world."
4:3 And behold, there appeared two angels, saying to her, "Behold, Joachim you husband is coming with his shepherds.

An Angel Comes Down To Joachim
Protevangelion 4:4
For an angel of the Lord has also come down to him, and said, 'The Lord God has heard your prayer; make haste and go from here, for behold, Anna your wife shall conceive.'"

An Angel Tends Mary In The Temple
Protevangelion 8:2
But Mary continued in the temple as a dove educated there, and received her food from the hand of an angel.

An Angel Appears To Zacharias
Protevangelion 8:6
And behold, an angel of the Lord came to him and said, "Zachary, Zachary, go forth and call together all the widowers among the people, and let every one of them bring his rod, and he by whom the Lord shall show a sign shall be the husband of Mary."

Mary Hears A Voice And An Angel Appears To Her
Protevangelion 9:7
And she took a pot, and went out to draw water, and heard a voice saying to her, "Hail, you who are full of grace, the Lord is with you. You are blessed among women."
9:9 And behold, the angel of the Lord stood by her, and said, "Fear not, Mary, for you have found favor in the sight of God."

An Angel Appears to Joseph in a Dream
Protevangelion 10:7
Then the night was come upon him, when behold an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, and said, 18 Do not be afraid to take that young woman, for That which is within her is of the Holy Spirit,

The Wise Men are warned by an Angel
Protevangelion 15:11
And being warned in a dream by an angel that they should not return to Herod through Judaea, they departed into their own country by another way.

An Angel appears to protect Elizabeth and the Infant John
Protevangelion 16:8
And there appeared to them an angel of the Lord, to preserve them.

The Angels Minister To God
1st Clement 34:6
let us mark the whole host of His angels, how they stand by and minister unto His will. 7 For the scripture saith; 8 {Ten thousands of ten thousands stood by Him, and thousands of thousands ministered unto Him: 9 and they, cried aloud, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Sabaoth all creation is full of His Glory}.

God Makes His Angel's Spirits And His Ministers A Flame Of Fire
1st Clement 36:8
For so it is written; 9 {Who maketh His angels spirits and His ministers a flame of fire};

Angels Appear To Shepherds
1st Infancy 1:19
After this, when the shepherds came, and had made a fire and they were exceedingly rejoicing, the heavenly host appeared to them, praising and adoring the supreme God. 20 And as the shepherds we engaged in the same employment, the cave at that time seemed like a glorious temple, because both the tongues of angels and men united to adore and magnify God, on account of the birth of the Lord Christ.

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