Anomalies In The Lost Books

The Immortals

Part 4

The Angels

Angels Stand Around The Infant
1st Infancy 2:7
And the angels stood around him, adoring him, as a king's guards stand around him. 8 Then Simeon going near to St. Mary, and stretching forth his hands towards her, said to the Lord Christ, Now, O my a Lord, thy servant shall depart in peace, according to thy word;

An Angel In The Form Of A Star Appears To The Wise Men
1st Infancy 3:2
Then the Lady Mary took one of his swaddling clothes in which the infant was wrapped and gave it to them instead of a blessing, which they received from her as a most noble present. 3 And at the same time there appeared to them an angel in the form of that star which had before been their guide in their journey; the light of which they followed till they returned into their own country.

An Angel Appears To Joseph
1st Infancy 4:2
And when they replied, in Bethlehem, a city of Judea, he began to contrive in his own mind the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. 3 But an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in his sleep and said, Arise, take the child and his mother, and go into Egypt as soon as the cock crows. So he arose, and went.

An Angel Appears To Joseph
1st Infancy 8:14
At the end of three years he returned out of Egypt, and when he came near to Judea, Joseph was afraid to enter; 15 For hearing that Herod was dead, and that Archelaus his son reigned in his stead, he was afraid; 16 And when he went to Judea, an angel of God appeared to him, and said, O Joseph, go into the city Nazareth, and abide there.

Four Young Men (Angels) Appear And Carry The Chair To The East
1st Hermas 1:30
And when she had made an end of reading, she rose out of the chair; and behold four young men came and carried the chair to the east.

Two Men (Angels) Appear And Take The Lady Away To The East
1st Hermas 1:33
And as she was talking with me, two men appeared and took her upon their shoulders and went to the east where the chair was. 34 And she went cheerfully away. As she was going, she said to me, Hermas, be of good cheer.

A Godly Young Man (An Angel) Reveals The Identy Of The Old Woman
1st Hermas 2:31
Moreover, brethren, it was revealed to me, as I was sleeping, by a very considerate young man, saying to me, What did you think of that old woman from whom you received the book; who is she? I answered, A Sybil.

The Six Young Men Are Identified As Angels
1st Hermas 3:43
And I answering, said to her, These things are very admirable, but Lady, who are those six men that build? 44 She said, They are the angels of God who were first appointed, and to whom the Lord has delivered all his creatures, to frame and build them up, and to rule over them. For by these the building of the tower will be finished

The Angels Carry The Old Woman To The Tower
1st Hermas 3:105
When she had ended talking with me, the six young men that built came and carried her to the tower; and four others took up the seat on which she had sat, and they also went away again to the tower. I did not see the faces of these, for their backs were towards me.

A Young Man (Angel) Appears To Hermas
1st Hermas 3:113
The same night a young man appeared to me and said, Why do you thus often desire Revelation in your prayers? Take heed that by asking many things, you hurt not the body. Let these Revelation suffice you.

The Angel Hegrin Stops The Mouth Of The Beast
1st Hermas 4:18
For this reason the Lord sent his angel who is over the beast, whose name is Hegrin, and stopped his mouth, that he should not devour you. You have escaped a great trial through your faith, and because you did not doubt for such a terrible beast.

The Two Angels That Are With Man
2nd Hermas 6:7
And now, he said, understand first of all what belongs to faith. There are two angels with man: one of righteousness, the other of iniquity.

The Evil And The Good Angels
2nd Hermas 6:14
When therefore these things arise in your heart, know that the angel of iniquity is with you. Seeing therefore you know his works, depart from them all and give no credit to him, because his works are evil and inappropriate for the servants of God. 15 Here therefore you have the works of both these angels. Understand now and believe the angel of righteousness, because his instruction is good.

An Angel Appears To Hermas
3rd Hermas 2:1
As I was walking into the field and considered the elm and the vine, and thought with myself of their fruits, an angel appeared and said to me, What is it that you think upon so long within yourself?

The Shepherd Appears Beside Hermas
3rd Hermas 5:1
As I was fasting in a certain mountain and giving thanks to God for all he things that he had done to me, behold I saw the shepherd, who was accustomed to converse with me, sitting by me and saying to me: What has brought you here so early in the morning? I answered, Sir, today I keep a station.

The Angel Again Appears To Hermas
3rd Hermas 6:1
As I was sitting at home praising God for all the things which I had seen, and thinking concerning the commands, that they were exceedingly good, and great, and honest, and pleasant, and such as were able to bring a man to salvation, I said thus within myself, I shall be happy if I shall walk according to these commands, and whoever will walk in them will live to God. 2 While I was speaking like this within myself, I saw him whom I had before been accustomed to see, sitting by me, and he spoke thus to me:

The Angel Show Hermas The Different Shepherds
3rd Hermas 6:10
Then the angel said to me, Do you see this shepherd? I answered, Sir, I see him. He said to me, This in the angel of delight and pleasure. He therefore corrupts the minds of the servants of God, and turns them from the truth by delighting them with many pleasures, and they perish.
6:16 Again we went a little farther forward, and he showed me a great shepherd who had as it were a rustic figure, clad with a white goat's skin, having his bag upon his shoulder, and in his hand a stick full of knots and very hard, and a whip in his other hand, and his countenance was stern and sour; his look was enough to frighten a man.
6:20 And I said to the shepherd that was with me, Sir, who is this cruel and implacable shepherd, who is moved with no compassion towards these sheep? He answered, This shepherd is indeed one of the righteous angels, but he is appointed for the punishment of sinners.

Hermas Sees The Shepherd Angel Again
3rd Hermas 7:1
After a few days in the same field where I had seen those shepherds, I saw the same person who before talked with me. And he said to me, What do you seek?

A Lofty Angel Of The Lord
3rd Hermas 2
And by that willow stood an angel of the Lord very excellent and lofty, who cut down boughs from that willow with a great hook and reached out little rods, as it were about a foot long, to the people who were under the shadow of that willow.

The Angel Was Michael
3rd Hermas 8:25
The great and venerable angel whom you saw was Michael, who has the power over his people and governs them. For he has planted the law in the hearts of those who have believed, and therefore he visits them to whom he has given the law, to see if they have kept it.

Hermas Serves The Glorious Angel, Michael
3rd Hermas 8:32
After a few days we returned, and in the same place stood that glorious angel, and I stood by him. Then he said to me, Gird yourself with a towel and serve me.

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