Anomalies In The Lost Books

The Immortals

Part 8

The Angels

Yahuwah Sends 2 Angels To Destroy Sodom And Its Cities
Jasher 19:45
And Yahuwah sent for 2 of the angels that had come to Avraham's house, to destroy Sodom and its cities.

The 2 Angels Speak To Lot
Jasher 19:46
And the angels rose up from the door of Avraham's tent, after they had eaten and drunk, and they reached Sodom in the evening, and Lot was then sitting in the gate of Sodom, and when he saw them he rose to meet them, and he bowed down to the ground. 47 And he pressed them greatly and brought them into his house, and he gave them victuals which they ate, and they abode all night in his house. 48 And the angels said to Lot, Arise, go forth from this place, you and all belonging to you, lest you be consumed in the iniquity of this city, for Yahuwah will destroy this place.

The Angels Led Lot And His Family Out Of Sodom
Jasher 19:49
And the angels laid hold upon the hand of Lot and upon the hand of his wife, and upon the hands of his children, and all belonging to him, and they brought him forth and set him without the cities. 50 And they said to Lot, Escape for your life, and he fled and all belonging to him.

The Angels Of Mercy Come Before Yahuwah
Jasher 23:65
And Avraham bound his son Yitzchaq, and placed him on the altar upon the wood, and Yitzchaq stretched forth his neck upon the altar before his father, and Avraham stretched forth his hand to take the knife to kill his son as a burnt offering before Yahuwah. 66 At that time the angels of mercy came before Yahuwah and spake to him concerning Yitzchaq, saying, 67 0 Lord, you art a merciful and compassionate King over all that you have created in heaven and in earth, and you support them all; give therefore ransom and redemption instead of your servant Yitzchaq, and pity and have compassion upon Avraham and Yitzchaq his son, who are this day performing your commands. 68 Have you seen, O Yahuwah, how Yitzchaq the son of Avraham your servant is bound down to the slaughter like an animal? now therefore let your pity be roused for them, O Yahuwah.

Yahuwah Sends 3 Angels
Jasher 32:28
And Yahuwah sent 3 angels of the angels of heaven, and they went before Esau and came to him.

Yahuwah Sends An Angel To Minister To The Babes Of Yisrael
Jasher 67:54
And from that day forward, when the time of delivery arrived to those women of Yisrael who had remained with their husbands, they went to the field to bring forth there, and they brought forth in the field, and left their children upon the field and returned home. 55 And Yahuwah who had sworn to their ancestors to multiply them, sent 1 of his ministering angels which are in heaven to wash each child in water, to anoint and swathe it and to put into its hands 2 smooth stones from 1 of which it sucked milk and from the other honey, and he caused its hair to grow to its knees, by which it might cover itself; to comfort it and to cleave to it, through his compassion for it.

An Angel Of Yahuwah Is Transformed Into The Figure Of A Wiseman
Jasher 70:21
And Pharaoh sent and called for all the wise men of Mitzraim and they came before the king, and an angel of Yahuwah came among them, and he was like 1 of the wise men of Mitzraim.

The Angel Gives Pharaoh Advice About Moses
Jasher 70:24
And the angel, who seemed like 1 of the wise men of Pharaoh, answered and said as follows, before all the wise men of Mitzraim and before the king and the princes: 25 If it please the king let the king send for men who will bring before him an onyx stone and a coal of fire, and place them before the child, and if the child will stretch forth his hand and take the onyx stone, then will we know that with wisdom has the youth done all that he has done, and we must kill him. 26 But if he stretch forth his hand upon the coal, then will we know that it was not with knowledge that he did this thing, and he will live. 27 And the thing seemed good in the eyes of the king and the princes, so the king did according to the word of the angel of Yahuwah.

The Angel Guides Moses' Hand
Jasher 70:29
And they placed the boy before them, and the lad endeavored to stretch forth his hand to the onyx stone, but the angel of Yahuwah took his hand and placed it upon the coal, and the coal became extinguished in his hand, and he lifted it up and put it into his mouth, and burned part of his lips and part of his tongue, and he became heavy in mouth and tongue.

An Angel, In The Likeness Of A Captain Of The Guard
Jasher 71:9
And Pharaoh heard of this affair, and he ordered Moses to be slain, so the Elohim sent his angel, and he appeared to Pharaoh in the likeness of a captain of the guard.

The Angel Leads Moses Away From Mitzraim
Jasher 71:11
And the angel of Yahuwah took hold of the right hand of Moses, and brought him forth from Mitzraim, and placed him from without the borders of Mitzraim, a distance of 40 days' journey.

An Angel Appears To Moses
Jasher 79:8
And Moses rose up to go to Mitzraim, and he took his wife and sons with him, and he was at an inn in the road, and an angel of the Elohim came down, and sought an occasion against him. 9 And he wished to kill him on account of his firstborn son, because he had not circumcised him, and had transgressed the covenant which Yahuwah had made with Avraham.

Zipporah Saw The Angel Of Yahuwah
Jasher 79:11
And Zipporah saw the angel of Yahuwah seeking an occasion against Moses, and she knew that this thing was owing to his not having circumcised her son Gershom. 12 And Zipporah hurried and took of the sharp rock stones that were there, and she circumcised her son, and delivered her husband and her son from the hand of the angel of Yahuwah.

An Angel Takes Pharaoh
Jasher 81:40
And when the children of Yisrael had entered the sea, the Egyptians came after them, and the waters of the sea resumed upon them, and they all sank in the water, and not 1 man was left excepting Pharaoh, who gave thanks to Yahuwah and believed in him, therefore Yahuwah did not cause him to perish at that time with the Egyptians. 41 And Yahuwah ordered an angel to take him from among the Egyptians, who cast him upon the land of Ninevah and he ruled over it for a long time.

An Angel Pierces The Stone
Jasher 85:24
And Og went up Jahaz mountain, and took therefrom 1 large stone, the length of which was 3 parsa, and he placed it on his head, and resolved to throw it upon the camp of the children of Yisrael, to strike down all the Yisraelites with that stone. 25 And the angel of Yahuwah came and pierced the stone upon the head of Og, and the stone fell upon the neck of Og that Og fell to the earth on account of the weight of the stone upon his neck.

The Angels Appear As 2,000 Men
Jasher 32:29
And those angels appeared to Esau and his people as 2,000 men, riding upon horses furnished with all sorts of war instruments, and they appeared in the sight of Esau and all his men to be divided into 4 camps, with 4 chiefs to them.

The First Camp Of Angels
Jasher 32:30
And 1 camp went on and they found Esau coming with 400 men toward his brother Yaaqov, and this camp ran toward Esau and his people and terrified them, and Esau fell off the horse in alarm, and all his men separated from him in that place, for they were greatly afraid. 31 And the whole of the camp shouted after them when they fled from Esau, and all the warlike men answered, saying, 32 Surely we are the servants of Yaaqov, who is the servant of the Elohim, and who then can stand against us? And Esau said to them, O then, my lord and brother Yaaqov is your lord, whom I have not seen for those 20 years, and now that I have this day come to see him, do you treat me in this manner? 33 And the angels answered him saying, As Yahuwah lives, were not Yaaqov of whom you speaks your brother, we had not let 1 remaining from you and your people, but only on account of Yaaqov we will do nothing to them.

The Second, Third And Fourth Camps Of Angels
Jasher 32:34 A
nd this camp passed from Esau and his men and it went away, and Esau and his men had gone from them about a league when the 2nd camp came toward him with all sorts of weapons, and they also did to Esau and his men as the 1st camp had done to them. 35 And when they had left it to go on, behold the 3rd camp came toward him and they were all terrified, and Esau fell off the horse, and the whole camp cried out, and said, Surely we are the servants of Yaaqov, who is the servant of the Elohim, and who can stand against us? 36 And Esau again answered them saying, O then, Yaaqov my lord and your lord is my brother, and for 20 years I have not seen his countenance and hearing this day that he was coming, I went this day to meet him, and do you treat me in this manner? 37 And they answered him, and said to him, As Yahuwah lives, were not Yaaqov your brother as you did say, we had not left a remnant from you and your men, but on account of Yaaqov of whom you speak being your brother, we will not meddle with you or your men. 38 And the 3rd camp also passed from them, and he still continued his road with his men toward Yaaqov, when the 4th camp came toward him, and they also did to him and his men as the others had done. 39 And when Esau looked at the evil which the 4 angels had done to him and to his men, he became greatly afraid of his brother Yaaqov, and he went to meet him in peace.

Anomalies In The Lost Books


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