The Lost Books of the Bible

A Partial List

Books Removed from, or Associated with, the Bible

F - K
Titles in "gold" are linked.
Titles in "white" are still lost, unless they are noted to as Available.
This means they are found, but are only
available in print form.


Fayyum Fragment

Flavius Josephus
Formulary of Blessing, A




Galen, On the Natural Faculties

Galen, Exhortation to the Study of the Arts, Especially Medicine

Galen, On Diagnosis in Dreams
Genesis, Commentaries on
Genesis and Exodus, A Reworking of

Giants, The Book of, (Attributed to Enoch)

Gilgamesh Epic, The Flood Narrative From the


Gospel of Truth


Hebrews, Gospel of (Hebrews 2)


Helkesaites, Book of the

Heresies, Against the

Hesychius, False Gospels of the

Hippolytus of Rome
Hosea Commentary
Hymn Of The Initiants, A

Hymns of Triumph



Ignatius, The Epistles of
In Praise of Wisdom

Infancy Gospel, Arabic

Infancy Gospel of James
and  HERE  

Infancy Gospel of Thomas Greek Text
Infancy Gospel of Thomas Greek Text B   

Infancy Gospel of Thomas Latin Text


Infancy Gospel of Thomas, Jesus at Five Years

Infancy, The Gospel of Pseudo Matthew

Ignatius of Antioch
Inheritance of The Firstborn, The Messiah of David, The
Invitation to Grace After Meals

Irenaeus of Lyons

Isaiah, Ascension of

Isaiah, The  Martyrdom of

Israel And The Holy Land


Jacob, Ladder of

Jacob, Prayer of
Jacob, The Vision of

James, Secret Book of

Jannes and Jambres


James, The First Apocalypse of

James, The Second Apocalypse of 

James, The Apocryphon of


James, Book of, The Gospel of, Protevangelion

Book of Jasher

James, The Gospel of

Jesus Christ, The Sophia of

Jesus, Epistle to Peter and Paul

Jesus, The New Sayings of

Jeremiah, Letter of

Jeu, Books of

Job, Testament of
Job, Targum of

Jonathan, Prayer for King

John, The Acts of 

John, The Acts of, Excerpt from the Mystery of Cross
John, The Apocryphon of 
John, The Book of, Concerning the Death of Mary
John the Evangelist

John the Theologian, The Revelation of
Joseph of Arimathaea and Aseneth

Joseph of  Arimathaea, The Narrative of
Joseph the Carpenter, The History of

Jubilees,   Book of

Judas Iscariot, Gospel of

Jude, Gospel of

Julius Cassianus


Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr, First Apology

Justin Martyr, Second Apology

Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho

Justin Martyr, Fragments from the Lost Writings of Justin

Justin Martyr, Hortatory Address to the Greeks

Justin Martyr, On the Sole Government of God

Justin Martyr, On the Resurrection

Justin Martyr, Discourse to the Greeks


Kerygmata Petrou

Kings, The Third Book of

Kings, The Fourth Book of

Knowledge, The Interpretation of

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