The Lost Books of the Bible

A Partial List

Books Removed from, or Associated with, the Bible

L - O
Titles in "gold" are linked.
Titles in "white" are still lost, unless they are noted to as Available.
This means they are found, but are only
available in print form.


Laodiceans, The Epistle to
Last Days: A Commentary on Selected Verses
Letter of the Law : Ordinances, The

Lentitus, Acts of the Apostle
Leontius, Acts of the Apostle

Leucius, Acts of the Apostle
Leuthon, Acts of the Apostle
Litany Of The Angels
Liturgical Calendar, A
Liturgy, A

Lord, Gospel of the


Lucian of Samosata
Lucian of Samosata, Alexander the False Prophet
Lucian of Samosata, The Passing of Peregrinus  
Lucianus, The False Gospels  

Maccabees, Third Book of   
Maccabees, Fourth Book of   

Manasseh, The Prayer of

Maniclees, Acts of the Apostles used by

Marcion, Gospel of the Lord  
and HERE

Mara Bar Serapion  
Marcionite, Anti-Prologues
Marcus Aurelius  
Marcus Aurelius to the Senate, Epistle of
Mark, The Secret Gospel of
Martyrdom of the Holy Martyrs
Mary, Excerpts From Gospel of
Mary, The Gospel of the Nativity of


Mary of Bethany, (Magdalene), The Gospel of
Mary, The Passing of 
Matthew, The Acts and Martyrdom of
Matthew, The Martyrdom of
Matthias, Book of

Mathetes to Diognetus, Epistle of

Matthias, Gospel of   
Matthias, Traditions of 
Maximus of Jerusalem  
Meditation on Israel's History

Melchizedek, The Coming of

Merinthus, Gospel of

Melito of Sardis
Michael, Words of
Montanist Anonymous Anti-
Morning Hymn
Moses, The Assumption Of, The Testament Of
Moses, Book of
Moses, The Sixth Book of
Moses, The Seventh Book of   
Moses, The Revelation of
Moses, The Words of

Muratorian Canon


Naassene Fragment
Nabonindus, The Healing of King     
Nahum Commentary

Narrative of Zosimus Concerning the Life of the Blessed, The
Nazarenes, Gospel According to the 

Nazarene Prophecy Source
Nazoreans ,Gospel of the
New Jerusalem
Nicodemus, The Gospel of Acts of Pilate
Nicodemus, The Gospel of Acts of Pilate II    

Norea, The Thought of


Octavius of Minucius Felix
Ophite Diagrams
Origin of the World, On the
Osee The Prophecy of  
Oxyrhynchus 840 Gospel
Oxyrhynchus 1224 Gospel

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