The Lost Books of the Bible

A Partial List

Books Removed from, or Associated with, the Bible

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Titles in "gold" are linked.
Titles in "white" are still lost, unless they are noted to as Available.
This means they are found, but are only
available in print form.



Parable of the Bountiful Tree, The
Paralipomenon, The First Book of  
Paralipomenon, The Second Book of
Passion Narrative
Passion of the Scillitan Martyrs
Patriarchs, Lives of The
Patriarchs, Tales of the
Paul, Acts of
Paul, Apocalypse of
Paul, Coptic Apocalypse of
Paul, The Prayer of the Apostle  
Paul, Revelation of
Paul and Seneca, The Correspondence of,
Paul and Thecla, Acts of
Paul, The Vision of
Perfect Mind,  The Thunder
Perfection, Gospel of 
Perpetua and Felicitas,  Acts of
Perpetua, The Story of
Peter, Acts of
Peter, Additional Acts of
Peter and Andrew, The Acts of
Peter, The Apocalypse of  
Peter Doctrine of   
Peter, Gospel of
Peter to James, The Epistle of
Peter, Judgement of   

Peter, Lost Gospel   
Peter and Paul, The Acts of  
Peter and Paul, Preachings of  
Peter to Philip, Letter of

Peter, The Apocalypse of (Fragment)
Peter, The Last Gospel

Peter, The Lost Gospel According to  

Peter, Coptic Apocalypse of
Peter, Preaching of
Peter, The Revelation of
Peter and the Twelve Apostles, The Acts of
Philip, The Acts of
Phillip, Additions to the Acts of
Philip, The Gospel of
Philip, Journeyings of the Apostle
Philippians 2
Phylactery (Tefillin) Scroll
Pilate, Acts of
Pilate, Letters of
Herod to Pilate

Pilate to Herod

Pilate to Tiberius 1

Pilate to Tiberius 2

Pilate to Augustus Caesar

Pilate, The Trial and Condemnation of

The Death of Pilate

Pontius Pilate,  The Giving Up of

Pistis Sophia

Pistis Sophia, Excerpts from  
Pistis Sophia, First Book
Pistis Sophia, Second Book
Plea for Deliverance
Plea For Grace
Pliny the Younger
Polycrates of Ephesus
Polycarp, Martyrdom of
Polycarp to the Philippians
Power, The Concept of Our Great
Prayer for Intercession
Prayer of Praise
Priestly Service
Prophets, The Lives of the
Protevangelion 2nd Century, The
Proverbs, A Collection of
Psalms, Commentary on
Psalms:Dead Sea Scroll
Ptolemy, Commentary on The Gospel Of John Prologue
Ptolemy's Letter to Flora


Q, Gospel referred to by the letter

Rechabites, The History of the
Redemption and Resurrection
Resurrection, Treatise on the
Reworked Pentateuch
Rheginos, The Epistle to
Ritual Purity Laws

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