The Lost Books of the Bible

A Partial List

Books Removed from, or Associated with, the Bible

S - Z

Titles in "gold" are linked.
Titles in "white" are still lost, unless they are noted to as Available.
This means they are found, but are only in print form.


Saviour, The Avenging of the

Savior, Dialogue of the

Savior, Gospel of the

Scillitan Martyrs, Passion of the

Scythianus, Gospel of
Secret of The Way Things Are, The

Secrets, The Book of  


Sedrach, Apocalypse of

Seleucus, The Acts of the Apostles  
Serapion of Antioch

Seth, Revelation of Adam`s Origin   


Seth, The  Second Treatise of the Great


Seth, The Three Steles of


Sextus, The Sentences of


Shem, The Paraphrase of


Shemaiah the Prophet


Shepherd of Hermas

Signs Gospel

Silvanus, The Teachings of


Simon Cephas, The Teaching of



Solomon, Odes of   

Solomon, Psalms of


Solomon, Testament of


Solomon, The Wisdom of
Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice

Sophia of Jesus Christ

Sophonias ,The Prophecy of

Soul, The Exegesis on the

Stephen, Revelation of



Syriac Apocrypha

Syriac Menander

Scythianus, Gospel of






Tatian's Address to the Greeks

Temple as Described In The Temple Scroll, The


Thaddaeus, The Acts of 


Thaddaeus, The Gospel of


Thanksgiving, The Prayer of




Theodotus, Excerpts of

Theophilus of Antioch


Theophilus of Antioch, Book 1

Theophilus of Antioch, Book 2


Theophilus of Antioch, Book 3

Theophilus of Caesarea

Thomas, Acts of 

Thomas, Apocalypse of

Thomas the Contender, The Book of


Thomas, The Consummation of


Thomas , Gospel of


Thomas, Secret Gospel


Three Patriarchs, Testaments of the 


Titan, The Gospel of 

Tongues of Fire
Torah Precepts



Treasures, The Cave of


Treatise on the Resurrection

Trimorphic Protennoia

Tripartite Tractate, The  

Twelve Apostles, Gospel of


Twelve Patriarchs, Testaments of the

Two Ways, The





Uziah, Acts of



Valentinian Exposition




Victor I

Vienna and Lyons, Letter from

Virgin, The Apocalypse of the

Vision of the Son of God, A






War Rule

Wars of the Jews
War Scroll, The
Wiles of the Wicked Woman, 
The Wisdom Text



Zadokite Work, Fragments of a

Zion, Apostrophe to
Zion, A Lament for

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