Anomalies In The Lost Books


Light Displays

Lights And Beings

An Angel With A Countenance Like Lightening
Nicodemus 10:3
That while they were guarding the sepulchre of Jesus, there was an earthquake; and we saw an angel of God roll away the stone of the sepulchre and sit upon it; 4 And his countenance was like lightning and his garment like snow; and we became through fear like persons dead.

Joseph Of Arimathaea Sees Angels And Jesus Shining Brightly
Nicodemus   But while I was standing at prayer in the middle of the night, the house was surrounded with four angels; and I saw Jesus as the brightness of the sun, and fell down upon the earth for fear.

God Tells Of Adoil And The Great Light
Secrets Of Enoch 25:1 I
commanded in the very lowest parts, that visible things should come down from invisible, and Adoil came down very great, and I beheld him, and lo! He had a belly of great light. 2 And I said to him: Become undone, Adoil, and let the visible come out of you. 3 And he came undone, and a great light came out. And I was in the midst of the great light, and as there is born light from light, there came forth a great age, and showed all creation, which I had thought to create.

God's Angels Are Filled With Light
1st Adam and Eve 27:10
"O Lord, is there in the world another god besides You, who created angels and filled them with light, and sent them to keep us, who would come with them? 11 But, look, we see these hosts that stand at the mouth of the cave; they are in a great light; they sing loud praises. If they are of some other god than You, tell me; and if they are sent by you, inform me of the reason for which You have sent them."

Levi Became As A Sun
Napthali 2:4
And when Levi became as a sun, lo, a certain young man gave to him twelve branches of palm; and Judah was bright as the moon, and under their feet were twelve rays.

The Angels Appear As Men
Enoch 17:1
They raised me up into a certain place, where there was (28) the appearance of a burning fire; and when they pleased they assumed the likeness of men.

The Holy Are Like A Blaze Of Fire
Enoch 39:7
Their residence I beheld under the wings of the Lord of spirits. All the holy and the elect sung before him, in appearance like a blaze of fire; their mouths being full of blessings, and their lips glorifying the name of the Lord of spirits. And righteousness incessantly dwelt before him.

A Very Great Light, A Voice
Wisdom of Solomon 18:1
Nevertheless thy saints had a very great light, whose voice they hearing, and not seeing their shape, because they also had not suffered the same things, they counted them happy

A Crystal Habitation, Cherubim, And A Flaming Fire
Enoch14:12 And drew nigh to a spacious habitation built also with stones of crystal. Its walls too, as well as pavement, were formed with stones of crystal, and crystal likewise was the ground. Its roof had the appearance of agitated stars and flashes of lightning; and among them were cherubim of fire in a stormy sky. A flame burned around its walls; and its portal blazed with fire. When I entered into this dwelling, it was hot as fire and cold as ice. No trace of delight or of life was there. Terror overwhelmed me, and a fearful shaking seized me.

Light Displays

Fire From The Everlasting
Baruch 4:34
For I will take away the rejoicing of her great multitude, and her pride shall be turned into mourning 35 For fire shall come upon her from the Everlasting, long to endure; and she shall be inhabited of devils for a great time.

The Heavens Light Up At Night
Pilate to Tiberius
And on the first of the week, about the third hour of the night, the sun was seen such as it had never at any time shone, and all the heaven was lighted up.

All Night the Light Did Not Cease
Pilate to Tiberius
All that night therefore, my lord, O king, the light ceased not.

The Light Did Not Cease Shining All Night
Report of Pilate
17 And all that night the light did not cease shining. And many of the Jews died in the chasm of the earth, being swallowed up, so that in the morning most of those who had been against Jesus were not to be found.

The Light Gradually Decreases Until The Infant Appeared
Protevangelion 14:12
But the light gradually decreased, until the infant appeared, and sucked the breast of his mother Mary.

The Brightness of the Everlasting
Baruch 4:23
For I sent you out with mourning and weeping: but God will give you to me again with joy and gladness for ever. 24 Like as now the neighbours of Sion have seen your captivity: so shall they see shortly your salvation from our God which shall come upon you with great glory, and brightness of the Everlasting.

The Light of God's Glory
Baruch 5:9
For God shall lead Israel with joy in the light of his glory with the mercy and righteousness that cometh from him.

Adam Is Deprived Of The Bright Light
1st Adam and Eve 25:3
But Adam said to God, "I was thinking to put an end to myself at once, for having transgressed Your commandments, and for my having come out of the beautiful garden; and for the bright light of which You have deprived me; and for the praises which poured forth from my mouth without ceasing, and for the light that covered me.

The Light Coming From The East Disappears
1st Adam and Eve 27:2
Then Adam said to Eve, "When we were on the mountain we were comforted by the Word of God that conversed with us; and the light that came from the east shown over us. 3 But now the Word of God is hidden from us; and the light that shown over us is so changed as to disappear, and let darkness and sorrow come over us.

Satan Tries To Deceive Adam And Eve
1st Adam and Eve 27:4
And Satan did this, in order that when Adam saw the light, he should think within himself that it was a heavenly light, and that Satan's hosts were angels; and that God had sent them to watch at the cave, and to give him light in the darkness.

Adam Questions The Great Light
1st Adam and Eve 27:7
"Look at that great light, and at those many songs of praise, and at that host standing outside who won't come into our cave. Why don't they tell us what they want, where they are from, what the meaning of this light is, what those praises are, why they have been sent to this place, and why they won't come in? 8 If they were from God, they would come into the cave with us, and would tell us why they were sent."

A Large Fire By The Cave
1st Adam and Eve 42:13
And Adam and Eve worshipped the Lord, and returned from the river of water to the cave. It was noon-day; and when they drew near to the cave, they saw a large fire by it.

Adam And Eve Are Terrified By The Fire
1st Adam and Eve 43:1
Then Adam and Eve were afraid, and stood still. And Adam said to Eve, "What is that fire by our cave? We have done nothing in it to cause this fire. 2 We neither have bread to bake therein, nor broth to cook there. As to this fire, we have never known anything like it, neither do we know what to call it. 3 But ever since God sent the cherub with a sword of fire that flashed and lightened in his hand, from fear of which we fell down and were like corpses, have we not seen the like. 4 But now, O Eve, behold, this is the same fire that was in the cherub's hand, which God has sent to keep the cave in which we live.

The Fire Was From Satan
1st Adam and Eve 43:13
Then Adam said no more. And they kept looking, He and Eve, towards the cave, and at the fire that flared up around it. 14 But that fire was from Satan. For he had gathered trees and dry grasses, and had carried and brought them to the cave, and had set fire to them, in order to consume the cave and what was in it.

The Word Parts The Fire
1st Adam and Eve 45:11
There is no way for you at present to come from this life to rest, not until My Word comes, who is My Word. Then He will make a way for you, and you shall have rest." Then God called with His Word to the fire that burned around the cave, that it split itself in half, until Adam had gone through it. Then the fire parted itself by God's order, and a way was made for Adam

A Whirlwind In The Fire
1st Adam and Eve 46:1
Then Adam and Eve began again to come into the cave. And when they came to the way between the fire, Satan blew into the fire like a whirlwind, and caused the burning coal-fire to cover Adam and Eve; so that their bodies were singed; and the coal-fire scorched them (Could this possibly be a vehicle also?)

The Prayer Of Adam And Eve Was Like A Flame Of Fire
1st Adam and Eve 58:5
Then Adam and Eve got up, and joined together in entreating God. 6 They continued praying like this in the cave; neither did they come out of it, by night or by day, until their prayers went up out of their mouths, like a flame of fire.

God Will Send A Great Light
Secrets Of Enoch 56:4
And when the Lord shall send a great light, then there will be judgment for the just and the unjust, and there no one shall escape notice.

A Fire From Heaven
Jasher 1:15
And it was at the expiration of a few years, that they brought an approximating offering to Yahuwah, and Cain brought from the fruit of the ground, and Abel brought from the firstlings of his flock from the fat thereof, and the Elohim turned and inclined to Abel and his offering, and a fire came down from Yahuwah from heaven and consumed it.

Amram's House Is Filled With A Great Light
Jasher 68:4
And at the end of 7 months from her conception she brought forth a son, and the whole house was filled with great light as of the light of the sun and moon at the time of their shining.

Yahuwah Called To Moses From The Fire
Jasher 79:4
And Moses was greatly astonished at this sight, reasoning that the bush was not consumed. So he approached to see this mighty thing, and Yahuwah called to Moses out of the fire and commanded him to go down to Mitzraim, to Pharaoh king of Mitzraim, to send the children of Yisrael from his service. 5 And Yahuwah said to Moses, Go, return to Mitzraim, for all those men who sought your life are dead, and you will speak to Pharaoh to send forth the children of Yisrael from his land.

A Fire From Yahuwah
Jasher 83:6
On that day the 2 sons of Aharon, Nadab and Abihu, took strange fire and brought it before Yahuwah who had not commanded them, and a fire went forth from before Yahuwah, and consumed them, and they died before Yahuwah on that day.

Anomalies In The Lost Books

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