Anomalies In The Lost Books


Part 11

Physical Transformation

The Multitude Of Gods Fall Down
Trial of Pilate 9
And when Caesar said this and himself named the name of Christ, all the multitude of the gods fell down together, and became like dust where Caesar sat with the senate. And all the people who stood near Caesar were filled with trembling because of the utterance of the word and the fall of their gods, and they all went away, every man to his house, seized with fear and wondering at what had happened.

Pilate's Body Is Sunk In The River, Wicked Spirits Cause A Great Tempest
Death of Pilate 26
He was therefore fastened to a great block of stone and sunk in the river Tiber. But wicked and unclean spirits, rejoicing in his wicked and unclean body, all moved about in the water, and caused in the air dreadful lightning and tempests, thunder and hail, so that all were seized with horrible fear. 27. On which account the Romans dragged him out of the river Tiber, bore him away in derision to Vienne, and sunk him in the river Rhone. For Vienne means, as it were, Way of Gehenna, because it was then a place of cursing. And evil spirits were there and did the same things.

The Roofs of the Temple Howled
Protevangelion 16:23
Then the roofs of the temple howled, and were rent from the top to the bottom,

The Swaddling Cloth Of The Infant Jesus Would Not Burn
1st Infancy 3:7
And casting the swaddling cloth into it, the fire took it, and kept it. 8 And when the fire was put out, they took forth the swaddling cloth unhurt, as much as if the fire had not touched it.

Caleb Unable To Be Harmed After Being Cured
1st Infancy 10:5
And when the turn of Mary the mother of Caleb came, and she was heating the oven to bake bread, and went away to fetch the meal, she left her son Caleb by the oven; 6 Whom, the other wife, her rival, seeing to be by himself took and cast him into the oven, which was very hot, and then went away. 7 Mary on her return saw her son Caleb lying in the middle of the oven laughing, and the oven quite as cold as though it had not been before heated, and knew that her rival the other wife had thrown him into the fire.
1st Infancy 10:9 After this her rival, the other wife, as she was drawing water at the well, and saw Caleb playing by the well, and that no one was near, took him, and threw him into the well. 10 And when some men came to fetch water from the well they saw the boy sitting on the superficies of the water, an drew him out with ropes, and were exceedingly surprised a the child, and praised God.

An Idol Speaks And Then Falls
1st Infancy 4:10
And all the magistrates and priests of the idols assembled before that idol, and made inquiry there, saying, What means all this consternation, and dread, which has fallen upon our country? 11 The idol answered them, The unknown God is come hither, who is truly God; nor is there any one besides him, who is worthy of divine worship; for he is truly the Son of God. 12 At the fame of him this country trembled, and at his coming it is under the present commotion and consternation; and we ourselves are affrighted by the greatness of his power. 13 And at the same instant this idol fell down, and at his fall all the inhabitants of Egypt, besides others, ran together.

1st Infancy 6:1 Then they went into another city where there was a woman possessed with a devil, and in whom Satan, that cursed rebel, had taken up his abode. 2 One night, when she went to fetch water, she could neither endure her clothes on, nor to be in any house; but as often as they tied her with chains or cords, she brake them, and went out into desert places, and sometimes standing where roads crossed, and in churchyards, would throw stones at men. 3 When St. Mary saw this woman, she pitied her; whereupon Satan presently left her, and fled away in the form of a young man, saying, Wo to me, because of thee, Mary, and thy son.

Woman Is Released From Satan In Serpent Form
1st Infancy 6:11
There was in this city a gentlewoman, who, as she went down one day to the river to bathe, behold cursed Satan leaped upon her in the form of a serpent, 12 And folded himself about her belly, and every night lay upon her. 13 This woman seeing the Lady St. Mary, and the Lord Christ the infant in her bosom, asked the Lady St. Mary, that she would give her the child to kiss, and carry in her arms. 14 When she had consented, and as soon as the woman had moved the child, Satan left her, and fled away, nor did the woman ever afterwards see him.

Jesus Makes The Clay Sparrows Come To Life
Thomas Infancy 1:4
Then he took from the bank of the stream some soft clay and formed out of it twelve sparrows; and there were other boys playing with him. 5 But a certain Jew seeing the things which he was doing, namely, his forming clay into the figures of sparrows on the Sabbath day, went presently away and told his father Joseph, 6 Behold, your boy is playing by the river side, and has taken clay and formed it into twelve sparrows, and profanes the Sabbath. 7 Then Joseph came to the place where he was, and when he saw him, called to him, and said, Why do you that which is not lawful to do on the Sabbath day? 8 Then Jesus clapping together the palms of his hands, called to the sparrows, and said to them: Go, fly away; and while you live rmember me. 9 So the sparrows fled away, making a noise.

Annaís Sonís Is Withered
Thomas Infancy 2:1
Besides this, the son of Anna the scribe was standing there with Joseph, and took a bough of a willow tree and scattered the waters which Jesus had gathered into lakes. 2 But the boy Jesus, seeing what he had done, became angry and said to him, You fool, what harm did the lake do to you, that you should scatter the water? 3 Behold, now you shall wither as a tree and not bring forth either leaves, or branches, or fruit. 4 And immediately he became withered all over.

A Boy Falls Dead
Thomas Infancy 2:7
Another time Jesus went into the street and a boy running by rushed into his shoulder; 8 At which Jesus became angry and said to him, You will go no farther. 9 And he instantly fell down dead:

Accusers Struck Blind
Thomas Infancy 2:11
Then the parents of the dead boy went to Joseph and complained, saying, You are not fit to live with us in our city, having such a boy as that: 12 Either teach him that he bless and not curse, or else depart with him, for he kills our children. 13 [New paragraph in the oldest extant manuscripts] Then Joseph calling the boy Jesus by himself, instructed him saying, Why do you such things to injure the people so that they hate us and persecute us? 14 But Jesus replied, I know that what you say is not of yourself, but for your sake I will say nothing; 15 But they who have said these things to you will suffer everlasting punishment. 16 And immediately they who had accused him became blind.

Hermas Transcribes The Book, The Book Is Taken From Him By An Invisible Hand
1st Hermas 6
As soon as I had received it, I went aside into a certain place of the field, and transcribed every letter, for I found no syllables. 7 And as soon as I had finished what was written in the book, the book was suddenly caught out of my hand, but I did not see by whom.

A Bright Wand
1st Hermas 3:22
Therefore, falling down before her feet, I began to entreat her for the Lord's sake that she would show me the vision she had promised. 23 Then she again took me by the hand and lifted me up, and made me sit upon the seat on the left side, and holding up a certain bright wand, said to me, See that great thing? I replied, Lady I see nothing.

Satan Takes On The Form Of A Young Man
The Old Woman Appeared In Three Forms
1st Hermas 3:108
Now, brethren, in the first vision the last year, she appeared to me exceeding old, and sitting in a chair. 109 In another vision, she indeed had a youthful face, but her flesh and hair were old; but she talked with me standing, and was more cheerful than the first time. 110 In the third vision, she was in all respects much younger, and appealing to the eye; only she had the hair of an aged person; yet she looked cheerful, and sat upon a seat.

The Angel's Shape Changes
2nd Hermas 1:4
While he was yet speaking, his shape was changed, and when I knew that it was he to whom I was committed, I was ashamed and a sudden fear came upon me, and I was utterly overcome with sadness because I had spoken so foolishly to him.

The Angel Changes His Appearance
2nd Hermas 12:16
.But now I say to you, if you will not observe these commands, but will neglect them, you will not be saved, nor your children, nor your house, because you have judged that these commands cannot be kept by man. 17 These things he spoke very angrily to me, to the extent that he greatly frightened me. For he changed his countenance, so that a man could not bear his anger.'

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