Anomalies In The Lost Books


Part 19


Children Cured By The Infants Bath Water
1st Infancy 9:4
St. Mary hearing her, said, Take a little of that water with which I have washed my son, and sprinkle it upon him. 5 Then she took a little of that water, as St. Mary had commanded, and sprinkled it upon her son, who being wearied with his violent pains, had fallen asleep; and after he had slept a little, awaked perfectly well and recovered. 10 When the woman heard her say this, she also went, and having procured the same water, washed her son with it, whereupon his body and his eyes were instantly restored to their former state. 11 And when she brought her son to St. Mary, and opened his case to her, she commanded her to give thanks to God for the recovery of her son's health, and tell no one what had happened.

Caleb, A Child Cured By Swaddling Cloth
1st Infancy 10:1
There were in the same city two wives of one man, who had each a son sick. One of them was called Mary and her son's name was Caleb. 2 She arose, and taking her son, went to the Lady St. Mary, the mother of Jesus, and offered her a very handsome carpet, saying, O my Lady Mary accept this carpet of me, and instead of it give me a small swaddling cloth. 3 To this Mary agreed, and when the mother of Caleb was gone, she made a coat for her son of the swaddling cloth, put it on him, and his disease was cured; but the son of the other wife died.

Child Saved From Death
1st Infancy 11:1
Another woman in that city had likewise two sons sick. 2 And when one was dead, the other, who lay at the point of death, she took in her arms to the Lady St. Mary, and in a flood of tears addressed herself to her, saying, 3 O my Lady, help and relieve me; for I had two sons the one I have just now buried, the other I see is just at the point of death, behold how I (earnestly) seek favour from God, and pray to him. 4 Then she said, O Lord, thou art gracious, and merciful, and kind; thou hast given me two sons; one of them thou hast taken to thyself, O spare me this other. 5 St. Mary then perceiving the greatness of her sorrow, pitied her and said, Do thou place thy son in my son's bed, and cover him with his clothes. 6 And when she had placed him in the bed wherein Christ lay, at the moment when his eyes were just closed by death; as soon as ever the smell of the garments of the Lord Jesus Christ reached the boy, his eyes were opened, and calling with a loud voice to his mother, he asked for bread, and when he had received it, he sucked it.

The Sick Are Cured, Unclean Spirits Cast Out
Thecla 10:16
Hereby a good report was spread everywhere of Thecla, and she wrought several [miraculous] cures, so that all the city and adjacent countries brought their sick to that mountain, and before they came as far as the door of the cave, they were instantly cured of whatsoever distemper they had. 17 The unclean spirits were cast out, making a noise; all received their sick made whole, and glorified God, who had bestowed such power on the virgin Thecla;

An Angel Troubles The Waters Of A Pool And The Water Cures Infirmities
Nicodemus 5:14
And he said, I lay for thirty - eight years by the sheep- pool at Jerusalem, labouring under a great infirmity, and waiting for a cure which should be wrought by the coming of an angel, who at a certain time troubled the water; and whosoever first after the troubling of the water stepped in, was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. 15 And when Jesus saw me languishing there, he said to me, Wilt thou be made whole? And I answered, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool. 16 And he said unto me, Rise, take up thy bed and walk. And I was immediately made whole, and took up my bed and walked.

The Word Raises Adam From Death And Opens Eve's Mouth
1st Adam and Eve 12:5
But the merciful Lord looked on the death of Adam, and on Eve's silence from fear of the darkness. 6 And the Word of God came to Adam and raised him from his death, and opened Eve's mouth that she might speak.

God Heals Adam In One Day
1st Adam and Eve 69:8
And God healed Adam in one day, which is the end of the seven weeks; and that is the fiftieth day.

Yahuwah Heals Abimelech And His Subjects
Jasher 20:28
And all the inhabitants of the land of the Philistines and the king's servants were still in pain, through the plague which the angel had inflicted upon them the whole night on account of Serah. 29 And Abimelech sent for Avraham, saying, Pray now for your servants to Yahuwah your Elohim that he may put away this mortality from among us. 30 And Avraham prayed on account of Abimelech and his subjects, and Yahuwah heard the prayer of Avraham, and he healed Abimelech and all his subjects.

Yahuwah Puts Away The Plague
Jasher 42:47
And the men did so, and they supplicated Yosef and pressed him to forgive them; and they said, We have sinned to Yahuwah and to you, now therefore vouchsafe to request of your Elohim that he will put away this death from among us, for we have sinned to him. 48 And Yosef did according to their words, and Yahuwah listened to Yosef, and Yahuwah put away the plague which he had inflicted upon those men on account of Yosef, and the beasts rose up from the ground and they conducted them, and they went on, and the raging storm abated and the earth became tranquilized, and the men proceeded on their journey to go down to Mitzraim, and the men knew that this evil had befallen them on account of Yosef.

Yahuwah Causes Mitzraim To Afflict The Children Of Yisrael
Jasher 63:6
Therefore all Mitzraim began from that day forth to embitter the lives of the sons of Yaaqov, and to afflict them with all manner of hard labor, because they had not known their ancestors who had delivered them in the days of the famine. 7 And this was also from Yahuwah, for the children of Yisrael, to benefit them in their latter days, in order that all the children of Yisrael might know Yahuwah their Elohim. 8 And in order to know the signs and mighty wonders which Yahuwah would do in Mitzraim on account of his people Yisrael, in order that the children of Yisrael might fear Yahuwah, the Elohim of their ancestors, and walk in all his ways, they and their seed after them all the days.

Yahuwah Strikes Pharaoh With Leprosy
Jasher 76:25
At that time Yahuwah struck Pharaoh king of Mitzraim, and he afflicted with the plague of leprosy from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head; owing to the cruel treatment of the children of Yisrael was this plague at that time from Yahuwah upon Pharaoh king of Mitzraim.

Yahuwah Strikes Pharaoh With A Bad Tumor
Jasher 76:36
And Yahuwah struck him with a bad tumor and sickness at the stomach, and that plague turned to a severe boil.

Yahuwah Causes Pharaoh’s Flesh To Rot
Jasher 76:57
And the disorder greatly prevailed over the king, and his flesh stank like the flesh of a carcass cast upon the field in summer time, during the heat of the sun. 58 And when the king saw that his sickness had greatly strengthened itself over him, he ordered his son Adikam to be brought to him, and they made him king over the land in his place. 59 And at the end of 3 years, the king died, in shame, disgrace, and disgust, and his servants carried him and buried him in the sepulcher of the kings of Mitzraim in Zoan Mizraim. 60 But they embalmed him not as was usual with kings, for his flesh was putrid, and they could not approach to embalm him on account of the stench, so they buried him in haste. 61 For this evil was from Yahuwah to him, for Yahuwah had requited him evil for the evil which in his days he had done to Yisrael.

Yahuwah Strikes Miriam With Leprosy
Jasher 83:31
And while the children of Yisrael were in Hazeroth, the anger of Yahuwah was kindled against Miriam on account of Moshe, and she became leprous, white as snow. 32 And she was confined without the camp for 7 days, until she had been received again after her leprosy.

Cured Of Illness
Odes Of Solomon 18:2
My members were strengthened that they might not fall from His strength. 3 Sicknesses removed from my body, and it stood to the Lord by His will. For His kingdom is true.

Sickness Is Removed
Odes Of Solomon 25:8
And I was clothed with the covering of thy Spirit, and thou didst remove from me my raiment of skin; 9 For thy right hand lifted me up and removed sickness from me:

Tobit's Blindness Cured
Tobit 11:2
Then Raphael said to Tobias, Thou knowest, brother, how thou didst leave thy father: 3 Let us haste before thy wife, and prepare the house. 4 And take in thine hand the gall of the fish. So they went their way, and the dog went after them. 7 Then said Raphael, I know, Tobias, that thy father will open his eyes. 8 Therefore anoint thou his eyes with the gall, and being pricked therewith, he shall rub, and the whiteness shall fall away, and he shall see thee. 10 Tobit also went forth toward the door, and stumbled: but his son ran unto him, 11 And took hold of his father: and he strake of the gall on his fathers' eyes, saying, Be of good hope, my father. 12 And when his eyes began to smart, he rubbed them;13 And the whiteness pilled away from the corners of his eyes: and when he saw his son, he fell upon his neck.

The Lord Heals All Things
Wisdom of Solomon 16:12
For it was neither herb, nor mollifying plaister, that restored them to health: but thy word, O Lord, which healeth all things. 13 For thou hast power of life and death: thou leadest to the gates of hell, and bringest up again.

The Most High Heals, He Created Medicines
Sirach 38:2
For of the most High cometh healing, and he shall receive honour of the king. 3 The skill of the physician shall lift up his head: and in the sight of great men he shall be in admiration. 4 The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.

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