Anomalies In The Lost Books


Part 2

Lights and Devices

Thecla's Baptism
Thecla 8
Notwithstanding all this, Thecla threw herself into the water, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 But the fish (sea-calves,) when they saw the lighting and fire, were killed, and swam dead upon the surface of the water, and a cloud of fire surrounded Thecla, so that as the beasts could not come near her, so the people could not see her nakedness.

Thecla Tied To Wild Bulls Is Not Harmed
Thecla 13
The bulls accordingly tore about, making a most hideous noise, but the flame which was about Thecla, burnt off the cords which were fastened to the members of the bulls, and she stood in the middle of the stage, as unconcerned as if she had not been bound.

The Infant Was Shining Like A Pillar Of Light
1st Infancy 2:5
Then after ten days they brought him to Jerusalem, and on the fortieth day from his birth they presented him in the temple before the Lord, making the proper offerings for him, according to the requirement of the law of Moses: namely, that every male which opens the womb shall be called holy unto God. 6 At that time old Simeon saw him shining as a pillar of light, when St. Mary the Virgin, his mother, carried him in her arms, and was filled with the greatest pleasure at the sight.

The Young Men (Angels) Build A Tower Upon The Water
1st Hermas 3:24
She answered, Do you not see opposite you a great tower with bright square stones built upon the water? 25 For the tower was built upon a square by these six young men who came with her.

A Chair Like White, Bright Wool Appears
1st Hermas 1:16
As I was thinking over these things, and meditating in myself upon them, behold a chair was set over opposite me of the whitest wool, as bright as snow.

The Cave Where Christ Was Born Is Bathed With A Great Light
1st Infancy 1:9
It was after sunset, when the old woman and Joseph with her reached the cave, and they both went into it. 10 And behold, it was all filled with lights, greater than the light of lamps and candles, an, greater than the light of the sun itself.

God Sends The Angel Michael Down To Get Three Golden Rods
1st Adam and Eve 29:6
And God considered Adam's thought, and sent the angel Michael as far as the sea that reaches India, to take from there golden rods and bring them to Adam. 7 This did God in His wisdom in order that these golden rods, being with Adam in the cave, should shine forth with light in the night around him, and put an end to his fear of the darkness.

The Golden Rods Shed Light
1st Adam and Eve 31:3
But, O Adam, put these by you in the cave; the gold that it may shed light over you by night; the incense, that you smell its sweet savor; and the myrrh, to comfort you in your sorrow."
Satan Transforms His Host, In Satan's Hands Was A Flashing Fire, A Great Light
1st Adam and Eve 27:1
When Satan, the hater of all good, saw how they continued in prayer, and how God communed with them, and comforted them, and how He had accepted their offering -- Satan made an apparition. 2 He began with transforming his hosts; in his hands was a flashing fire, and they were in a great light.

A Light By Night
1st Adam and Eve 31:11
God gave these three things to Adam on the third day after he had come out of the garden, in token of the three days the Lord should remain in the heart of the earth. 12 And these three things, as they continued with Adam in the cave, gave him light by night; and by day they gave him a little relief from his sorrow.

The Cherub With A Sword Of Fire
1st Adam and Eve 36:1
Then God commanded the cherub, who kept the gate of the garden with a sword of fire in his hand, to take some of the fruit of the fig-tree, and to give it to Adam. (Could also go under Beings)

Adam And Eve Could not Approach The Cherub Because Of The Sword Of Fire
1st Adam and Eve 36:4
Then the cherub took two figs and brought them to Adam and Eve. But he threw them to them from a distance; for they might not come near the cherub by reason of their flesh, that could not come near the fire. (Could also go under Beings)

God Sends A Bright Fire To Consume Adam And Eve's Offering
1st Adam and Eve 24:2
And God sent from His presence a bright fire, that consumed their offering. 3 He smelled the sweet savor of their offering, and showed them mercy.

The Cherub With A Flaming Sword
1st Adam and Eve 54:3
And the cherub who guarded the garden was standing at the western gate, and guarding it against Adam and Eve, lest they should suddenly come into the garden. And the cherub turned around, as if to put them to death; according to the commandment God had given him. 4 When Adam and Eve came to the eastern border of the garden -- thinking in their hearts that the cherub was not watching -- as they were standing by the gate as if wishing to go in, suddenly came the cherub with a flashing sword of fire in his hand; and when he saw them, he went forth to kill them. For he was afraid that God would destroy him if they went into the garden without His order. 5 And the sword of the cherub seemed to shoot flames a distance away from it. But when he raised it over Adam and Eve, the flame of the sword did not flash forth. 6 Therefore the cherub thought that God was favorable to them, and was bringing them back into the garden. And the cherub stood wondering. (Could go under Beings also)

Satan Transforms Himself Clad In A Garment Of Light, A Bright Girdle, Carrying A Light Staff 
1st Adam and Eve 60:1
Then on the eighty-ninth day, Satan came to the cave, clad in a garment of light, and girt about with a bright girdle. 2 In his hands was a staff of light, and he looked most awful; but his face was pleasant and his speech was sweet. 3 He thus transformed himself in order to deceive Adam and Eve, and to make them come out of the cave, before they had fulfilled the forty days.

God Sends A Bright Fire
1st Adam and Eve 68:13
And God sent a bright fire over the offering of Adam and Eve, and filled it with brightness, grace, and light; and the Holy Ghost came down on that offering.

An Angel With Fire Tongs
1st Adam and Eve 68:14
Then God commanded an angel to take fire tongs, like a spoon, and with it to take an offering and bring it to Adam and Eve. And the angel did so, as God had commanded him, and offered it to them.

God Sends A Light From Heaven To Accept Adam's Offering
1st Adam and Eve 75:1
Then Adam prepared an offering, and he and Eve offered it up for their children, and brought it to the altar they had built at first. 2 And Adam offered up the offering, and asked God to accept his offering. 3 Then God accepted Adam's offering, and sent a light from heaven that shown on the offering. Adam and his son drew near to the offering, but Eve and the daughter did not approach it.

The Divine Fire Does Not Accept Cain's Offering
1st Adam and Eve 78:20
Cain was then standing by the altar on which he had offered up his gift; and he cried to God to accept his offering; but God did not accept it from him; neither did a divine fire come down to consume his offering.

The Divine Fire Accepts Abel's Offering
1st Adam and Eve 78:22
And Abel prayed to God to accept his offering. Then a divine fire came down and consumed his offering. And God smelled the sweet savor of his offering; because Abel loved Him and rejoice in Him.

Satan Appears To Seth As An Angel Girded With A Bright Light And Holding A Staff Of Light
2nd Adam and Eve 5:4
After that, as he was corning down from the altar, having ended his offering, Satan appeared unto him in the form of a beautiful angel, brilliant with light; with a staff of light in his hand, himself girt about with a girdle of light.

The Stones Of Fire Prevent Seth's People From Returning To The Holy Mountain
2nd Adam and Eve 20:33
But after they had thus fallen into this defilement, they returned by the way they had come, and tried to ascend the Holy Mountain. But they could not, because the stones of that holy mountain were of fire flashing before them, by reason of which they could not go up again.

The Lord's Eyes Are Like The Rays Of The Sun
Secrets Of Enoch 39:4
You look now upon my eyes, the eyes of a man big with meaning for you, but I have seen the Lordís eyes, shining like the sunís rays and filling the eyes of man with awe.

Christ Will Open The Gates Of Paradise And Remove The Fiery Sword
Levi 5:26
And he shall open the gates of paradise, And shall remove the threatening sword against Adam. And he shall give to the saints to eat from the tree of life, And the spirit of holiness shall be on them.

A Bow And Sword Of Fire And A Great Darkness
Enoch 17:2
They carried me to a lofty spot, to a mountain, the top of which reach to heaven. 3 And I beheld the receptacles of light and of thunder at the extremities of the place, where it was deepest. There was a bow of fire, and arrows in their quiver, a sword of fire, and every species of lightning. 4 Then they elevated me to a babbling stream, and to a fire in the west, which received all the setting of the sun. I came to a river of fire, which flowed like water, and emptied itself into the great sea westwards. 5 I saw every large river, until I arrived at the great darkness. I went to where all of flesh migrate; and I beheld the mountains of the gloom which constitutes winter, and the place from which issues the water in every abyss. 6 I saw also the mouths of all the rivers in the world, and the mouths of the deep.

Anomalies In The Lost Books

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