Anomalies In The Lost Books


Part 20

Living Creatures

A Great Dragon In Babylon
Bel 23
And in that same place there was a great dragon, which they of Babylon worshipped. 24: And the king said unto Daniel, Wilt thou also say that this is of brass? lo, he liveth, he eateth and drinketh; thou canst not say that he is no living god: therefore worship him.

Daniel Destroys The Dragon
Bel 26
But give me leave, O king, and I shall slay this dragon without sword or staff. The king said, I give thee leave. 27: Then Daniel took pitch, and fat, and hair, and did seethe them together, and made lumps thereof: this he put in the dragon's mouth, and so the dragon burst in sunder : and Daniel said, Lo, these are the gods ye worship.

Behemoth And Leviathan
2nd Esdras 6:49
"Then thou didst keep in existence two living creatures; the name of one thou didst call Behemoth and the name of the other Leviathan. 50 And thou didst separate one from the other, for the seventh part where the water had been gathered together could not hold them both. 51 And thou didst give Behemoth one of the parts which had been dried up on the third day, to live in it, where there are a thousand mountains; 52 but to Leviathan thou didst give the seventh part, the watery part; and thou hast kept them to be eaten by whom thou wilt, and when thou wilt.

Hermas Sees The Beast
1st Hermas 4:6
I had gone but a little farther, brethren, when behold I saw a dust rise up to heaven. I began to say within myself, Is there a drove of cattle coming, that raises such a dust? 7 It was about a furlong off from me. And behold I saw the dust rise more and more, so much that I began to suspect that there was something extraordinary in it. 8 The sun shone a little, and behold, I saw a great beast, as it were a whale, and fiery locusts came out of his mouth. The height of the beast was about a hundred feet, and he had a head like a large earthen vessel.

Daniel Safe in the Lion's Den For 7 Days
Bel 40
: Upon the seventh day the king went to bewail Daniel: and when he came to the den, he looked in, and behold, Daniel was sitting. 41: Then cried the king with a loud voice, saying, Great art Lord God of Daniel, and there is none other beside thee. 42: And he drew him out, and cast those that were the cause of his destruction into the den: and they were devoured in a moment before his face.

A She Lion Licks Thecla And Does Not Harm Her
Thecla 8:3
At length a day came, when the beasts were to be brought forth to be seen; and Thecla was brought to the amphitheatre, and put into a den in which was an exceeding fierce she-lion, in the presence of a multitude of spectators. 4 Trifina, without any surprise, accompanied Thecla, and the she-lion licked the feet of Thecla. The title written which denotes her crime was: Sacrilege. Then the woman cried out, O God, the judgments of this city are unrighteous.

Thecla Thrown To The Beast, No Harm Comes To Her
Thecla 9:1
Then Thecla was taken out of the hand of Trifina, stripped naked, had a girdle put on, and thrown into the place appointed for fighting with the beasts: and the lions and the bears were let loose upon her. 2 But a she-lion, which was of all the most fierce, ran to Thecla, and fell down at her feet. Upon which the multitude of women shouted aloud. 3 Then a she-bear ran fiercely towards her; but the she-lion met the bear, and tore it to pieces. 4 Again, a he-lion, who had been wont to devour men, and which belonged to Alexander, ran towards her; but the she-lion encountered the he-lion, and they killed each other.
Thecla 9:10 Yet they turned other wild beasts upon her; upon which they made a very mournful outcry; and some of them scattered spikenard, others cassia, other amomus [a sort of spikenard, or the herb of Jerusalem, or ladies-rose], others ointment; so that the quantity of ointment was large, in proportion to the number of people; and upon this all the beasts lay as though they had been fast asleep, and did not touch Thecla.

God Commands The Beast Not To Harm Adam And Eve
1st Adam and Eve 7:7
When the Lord heard these words from Adam, He had pity on him, and felt that he had truly said that the beasts of the field would rise and devour him and Eve, because He, the Lord, was angry with the two of them on account of their transgressions. 8 Then God commanded the beasts, and the birds, and all that moves on the earth, to come to Adam and to be familiar with him, and not to trouble him and Eve; nor yet any of the good and righteous among their offspring. 9 Then all the beasts paid homage to Adam, according to the commandment of God; except the serpent, against which God was angry. It did not come to Adam, with the beasts.

The Serpent That Became Satan
1st Adam and Eve 17:2
But as they went near it, before the western gate, from which Satan came when he deceived Adam and Eve, they found the serpent that became Satan coming at the gate, and sorrowfully licking the dust, and wiggling on its breast on the ground, by reason of the curse that fell on it from God.

The Serpent Speaks And Tries To Kill Adam And Eve
1st Adam and Eve 18:
1 When the accursed serpent saw Adam and Eve, it swelled its head, stood on its tail, and with eyes blood- red, acted like it would kill them. 2 It made straight for Eve, and ran after her; while Adam standing by, cried because he had no stick in his hand with which to hit the serpent, and did not know how to put it to death. 3 But with a heart burning for Eve, Adam approached the serpent, and held it by the tail; when it turned towards him and said to him: -- 4 "O Adam, because of you and of Eve, I am slippery, and go on my belly." Then with its great strength, it threw down Adam and Eve and squeezed them, and tried to kill them.

The Word Takes The Power Of Speech From The Serpent
1st Adam and Eve 18:6
Then the Word of God came to the serpent, and said to it, "The first time I made you slick, and made you to go on your belly; but I did not deprive you of speech. 7 This time, however, you will be mute, and you and your race will speak no more; because, the first time My creatures were ruined because of you, and this time you tried to kill them." 8 Then the serpent was struck mute, and was no longer able to speak.

The Beast Would Not Harm Adam And Eve
1st Adam and Eve 19:4
"O Adam, not one of these beasts will be able to hurt you; because I have made the beasts and other moving things come to you in the cave. I did not let the serpent come with them because it might have risen against you and made you tremble; and the fear of it should fall into your hearts.

The Beast Have Souls
Secrets Of Enoch 58:7
And as every soul of man is according to number, similarly beasts will not perish, nor all souls of beasts which the Lord created, till the great judgment, and they will accuse man, if he feed them ill.

The Serpent Had The Power Of Speech
Jasher 1:9
And the serpent, which the Elohim had created with them in the earth, came to them to incite them to transgress the command of the Elohim which he had commanded them. 10 And the serpent enticed and persuaded the woman to eat from the tree of knowledge, and the woman listened to the voice of the serpent, and she transgressed the word of the Elohim and took from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and she ate, and she took from it and gave also to her husband and he ate.

Yahuwah Sends The Beast
Jasher 6:24
And the sons of men approached in order to break into the ark, to come in on account of the rain, for they could not bear the rain upon them. 25 And Yahuwah sent all the beasts and animals that stood round the ark. And the beasts overpowered them and drove them from that place, and every man went his way and they again scattered themselves upon the face of the earth.

A Ram That Was Created In The Day God Made Heaven And Earth
Jasher 23:70
And Avraham lifted up his eyes and saw, and behold, a ram was caught in a thicket by his horns; that was the ram which Yahuwah, the Elohim, had created in the earth in the day that he made earth and heaven. 71 For Yahuwah had prepared this ram from that day, to be a burnt offering instead of Yitzchaq.

Scorpions And Serpents Do Not Harm Yosef
Jasher 41:28
And they took him and cast him into a pit, and in the pit there was no water, but serpents and scorpions. And Yosef was afraid of the serpents and scorpions that were in the pit. And Yosef cried out with a loud voice, and Yahuwah hid the serpents and scorpions in the sides of the pit, and they did no harm to Yosef.

Every Species Of Bird Is Upon Yosef
Jasher 42:5
And while they were discoursing about this matter, and before the company of Yismaelites had come up to them, 7 trading men of Midian passed by them, and as they passed they were thirsty, and they lifted up their eyes and saw the pit in which Yosef was immured, and they looked, and behold every species of bird was upon him.

Yahuwah Opens The Mouth Of The Beast
Jasher 43:43
And Yahuwah opened the mouth of the beast in order to comfort Yaaqov with its words, and it answered Yaaqov and spoke these words to him: 44 As the Elohim lives who created us in the earth, and as your soul lives, my lord, I did not see your son, neither did I tear him to pieces, but from a distant land I also came to seek my son who went from me this day, and I know not whether he be living or dead. 45 And I came this day into the field to seek my son, and your sons found me, and seized me and increased my grief, and have this day brought me before you, and I have now spoken all my words to you. 46 And now therefore, O son of man, I am in your hands, and do to me this day as it may seem good in your sight, but by the life of the Elohim who created me, I did not see your son, nor did I tear him to pieces, neither has the flesh of man entered my mouth all the days of my life. 47 And when Yaaqov heard the words of the beast he was greatly astonished, and sent forth the beast from his hand, and she went her way.

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