Anomalies In The Lost Books


Part 3

Technological Devices


Abraham Sees The Glory Of God
1st Clement 17:3
Abraham obtained an exceeding good report and was called the friend of God; 17:4 and looking stedfastly on the glory of God, he saith in lowliness of mind, {But I am dust and ashes}.

Jesus' Glory Is Much Greater Than The Angels
1st Clement 36:6
Through Him the Master willed that we should taste of the immortal knowledge; 7 {Who being the brightness of His majesty is so much greater than angels, as He hath inherited a more excellent name}.

The Unbelievers Will See The Glory Of God
2nd Clement 17:10
Herein He speaketh of the day of His appearing, when He shall come and redeem us, each man according to his works. 11 {And} the unbelievers {shall see His glory} and His might: 12 and they shall be amazed when they see the kingdom of the world given to Jesus, saying, Woe unto us, for Thou wast, and we knew it not, and believed not;

The Ineffable Greatness Of Godís Glory
Secrets Of Enoch 22:3
And who am I to tell of the Lordís unspeakable being, and of his very wonderful face? And I cannot tell the quantity of his many instructions, and various voices, the Lord's throne is very great and not made with hands, nor the quantity of those standing round him, troops of cherubim and seraphim, nor their incessant singing, nor his immutable beauty, and who shall tell of the ineffable greatness of his glory.

The Visitation Of The Glory Of God
Psalms of Solomon 11:5
High mountains hath He abased into a plain for them; 6 The hills fled at their entrance. The woods gave them shelter as they passed by; 7 Every sweet-smelling tree God caused to spring up for them, That Israel might pass by in the visitation of the glory of their God.

The Glory Of The Lord
Psalms of Solomon 17:34
So that nations shall come from the ends of the earth to see his glory, Bringing as gifts her sons who had fainted, 35 And to see the glory of the Lord, wherewith God hath glorified her.

His Majestic Glory And His Glorious Voice
Sirach 17:12
He made an everlasting covenant with them, and shewed them his judgments.13 Their eyes saw the majesty of his glory, and their ears heard his glorious voice.


Lot Saved From The Destruction Of Sodom
1st Clement 1:1
For his hospitality and godliness Lot was saved from Sodom, when all the country round about was judged by fire and brimstone;

God Creates The Incorporeal Ten Troops Of Angels
Secrets Of Enoch 29:2
And from the rock I cut off a great fire, and from the fire I created the orders of the incorporeal ten troops of angels, and their weapons are fiery and their raiment a burning flame, and I commanded that each one should stand in his order.

Brimstone And Fire From Heaven
Jasher 19:51
Then Yahuwah rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah - upon all of those cities, brimstone, and fire came from Yahuwah out of heaven.

The Angel Of Yahuwah Strikes The Whole Land Of The Philistines
Jasher 20:15
And on that night there was a great outcry in the land of the Philistines, and the inhabitants of the land saw the figure of a man standing with a drawn sword in his hand, and he struck the inhabitants of the land with the sword, yes he continued to strike them down. 16 And the angel of Yahuwah struck the whole land of the Philistines on that night, and there was a great confusion on that night and on the following morning. 17 And every womb was closed, and all their issues, and the hand of Yahuwah was upon them on account of Serah, wife of Avraham, whom Abimelech had taken. 22 Now therefore, O sovereign king, know what happened yesterday night to the whole land, for there was a very great consternation and great pain and lamentation, and we know that it was on account of the woman which you did take.

The Elohim Send A Terrible Heat
Jasher 68:15
And the Elohim sent forth at that time a terrible heat in the land of Mitzraim, which burned up the flesh of man like the sun in his circuit, and it greatly oppressed the Egyptians. 16 And all the Egyptians went down to bathe in the river, on account of the consuming heat which burned up their flesh.

A Fire From Yahuwah
Jasher 83:6
On that day the 2 sons of Aharon, Nadab and Abihu, took strange fire and brought it before Yahuwah who had not commanded them, and a fire went forth from before Yahuwah, and consumed them, and they died before Yahuwah on that day.

Yahuwah's Anger Was Kindled
Jasher 83:27
And Yahuwah listened to their voice, and gave them meat which they ate for 1 month. 28 But after this the anger of Yahuwah was kindled against them, and he struck them with a great slaughter, and they were buried there in that place.

Yahuwah Sends Hailstones From Heaven
Jasher 88:60
And Yahuwah confounded them before the children at Yisrael, who struck them with a terrible slaughter in Gibeon, and pursued them along the way that goes up to Beth Horon to Makkedah, and they fled from before the children of Yisrael. 61 And while they were fleeing, Yahuwah sent upon them hailstones from heaven, and more of them died by the hailstones, than by the slaughter of the children of Yisrael.

Angels On Horses, Fire Flashing From Their Weapons
4th Maccabees 4:9
While the priests together with women and children were imploring God in the temple to shield the holy place that was being treated so contemptuously, 10 and while Apollonius was going up with his armed forces to seize the money, angels on horseback with lightning flashing from their weapons appeared from heaven, instilling in them great fear and trembling.

Wisdom Preserves The Righteous Man From The Heavenly Fire
Wisdom of Solomon 10:6
When the ungodly perished, she delivered the righteous man, who fled from the fire which fell down upon the five cities. 7 Of whose wickedness even to this day the waste land that smoketh is a testimony, and plants bearing fruit that never come to ripeness: and a standing pillar of salt is a monument of an unbelieving soul.

God Consumes The Wicked With A Fiery Flame
Sirach 45:18
Strangers conspired together against him, and maligned him in the wilderness, even the men that were of Dathan's and Abiron's side, and the congregation of Core, with fury and wrath. 19 This the Lord saw, and it displeased him, and in his wrathful indignation were they consumed: he did wonders upon them, to consume them with the fiery flame.

Hailstones Of Mighty Power
Sirach 46:5
He called upon the most high Lord, when the enemies pressed upon him on every side; and the great Lord heard him. 6 And with hailstones of mighty power he made the battle to fall violently upon the nations, and in the descent [of Beth-horon] he destroyed them that resisted, that the nations might know all their strength, because he fought in the sight of the Lord, and he followed the Mighty One

A Bow And Sword Of Fire And A Great Darkness
Enoch 17:2
They carried me to a lofty spot, to a mountain, the top of which reach to heaven. 3 And I beheld the receptacles of light and of thunder at the extremities of the place, where it was deepest. There was a bow of fire, and arrows in their quiver, a sword of fire, and every species of lightning. 4 Then they elevated me to a babbling stream, and to a fire in the west, which received all the setting of the sun. I came to a river of fire, which flowed like water, and emptied itself into the great sea westwards. 5 I saw every large river, until I arrived at the great darkness. I went to where all of flesh migrate; and I beheld the mountains of the gloom which constitutes winter, and the place from which issues the water in every abyss. 6 I saw also the mouths of all the rivers in the world, and the mouths of the deep.

Technological Devices

God Sends The Angel Michael Down To Get Three Golden Rods
1st Adam and Eve 29:6
And God considered Adam's thought, and sent the angel Michael as far as the sea that reaches India, to take from there golden rods and bring them to Adam. 7 This did God in His wisdom in order that these golden rods, being with Adam in the cave, should shine forth with light in the night around him, and put an end to his fear of the darkness.

The Golden Rods Shed Light
1st Adam and Eve 31:3
But, O Adam, put these by you in the cave; the gold that it may shed light over you by night; the incense, that you smell its sweet savor; and the myrrh, to comfort you in your sorrow."

An Instrument That Shows A Map Of The Stars
Jasher 53:18
And he ordered them to bring before him his map of the stars, whereby Yosef knew all the times, and Yosef said to Binyamin, I have heard that the Hebrews are acquainted with all wisdom, do you know anything of this? 19 And Binyamin said, Your servant is knowing also in all the wisdom which my father taught me, and Yosef said to Binyamin, Look now at this instrument and understand where your brother Yosef is in Mitzraim, who you said went down to Mitzraim. 20 And Binyamin beheld that instrument with the map of the stars of heaven, and he was wise and looked in it to know where his brother was, and Binyamin divided the whole land of Mitzraim into 4 divisions, and he found that he who was sitting upon the throne before him was his brother Yosef, and Binyamin wondered greatly, and when Yosef saw that his brother Binyamin was so much astonished, he said to Binyamin, What have you seen, and why are you astonished?

A Sapphire Stick
Jasher 77:39
And it was that while he prayed he looked opposite to him, and behold a sapphire stick was placed in the ground, which was planted in the midst of the garden. 40 And he approached the stick and he looked, and behold the name of Yahuwah, the Elohim of hosts was engraved thereon, written and developed upon the stick. 41 And he read it and stretched forth his hand and he plucked it like a forest tree from the thicket, and the stick was in his hand.

The Stick Of Elohim
Jasher 77:42
And this is the stick with which all the works of our Elohim were performed, after he had created heaven and earth, and all the host of them, seas, rivers and all their fishes. 43 And when the Elohim had driven Adam from the garden of Eden, he took the stick in his hand and went and tilled the ground from which he was taken.

Reuel Planted The Stick, He Who Has The Right Can Pluck It
Jasher 77:48
And after the death of Yosef, the nobles of Mitzraim came into the house of Yosef, and the stick came into the hand of Reuel the Midianite, and when he went out of Mitzraim, he took it in his hand and planted it in his garden. 49 And all the mighty men of the Kinites tried to pluck it when they endeavored to get Zipporah his daughter, but they were unsuccessful. 50 So that stick remained planted in the garden of Reuel, until he came who had a right to it and took it. 51 And when Reuel saw the stick in the hand of Moses, he wondered at it, and he gave him his daughter Zipporah for a wife.

Moses Lifts The Stick Of The Elohim
Jasher 79:20
And Moses and Aharon rose up early on the next day, and they went to the house of Pharaoh, and they took in their hands the stick of the Elohim. 21 And when they came to the king's gate, 2 young lions were confined there with iron instruments, and no person went out or came in from before them, unless those whom the king ordered to come, when the conjurors came and withdrew the lions by their incantations, and this brought them to the king. 22 And Moses hurried and lifted up the stick upon the lions, and he loosed them, and Moses and Aharon came into the king's house.

The Rod Turns Into A Serpent
Jasher 79:36
And Aharon hurried and threw the rod out of his hand before Pharaoh and before his servants, and the rod turned into a serpent. 37 And the sorcerers saw this and they cast each man his rod upon the ground and they became serpents. 38 And the serpent of Aharon's rod lifted up its head and opened its mouth to swallow the rods of the magicians. 39 And Balaam the magician answered and said, This thing has been from the days of old, that a serpent should swallow its fellow, and that living things devour each other.

Aharon's Rod Swallows The Rods Of The Magicians
Jasher 79:40
Now therefore restore it to a rod as it was at first, and we will also restore our rods as they were at first, and if your rod will swallow our rods, then will we know that the spirit of the Elohim is in you, and if not, you are only an artificer like to ourselves. 41 And Aharon hurried and stretched forth his hand and caught hold of the serpent's tail and it became a rod in his hand, and the sorcerers did the like with their rods, and they got hold, each man of the tail of his serpent, and they became rods as at first. 42 And when they were restored to rods, the rod of Aharon swallowed up their rods.

Yahushuwah Brings The Urim
Jasher 88:32
And Yahuwah said to Yahushuwah, Why do you fall upon your face? rise, get you off, for the Yisraelites have sinned, and taken of the accursed thing; I will no more be with them unless they destroy the accursed thing from among them. 33 And Yahushuwah rose up and assembled the people, and brought the Urim by the order of Yahuwah, and the tribe of Yahudah was taken, and Achan the son of Carmi was taken.

God Gives Aaron The Urim and Thummim
Sirach 45:6
He exalted Aaron, an holy man like unto him, even his brother, of the tribe of Levi10 With an holy garment, with gold, and blue silk, and purple, the work of the embroidere, with a breastplate of judgment, and with Urim and Thummim;

Anomalies In The Lost Books

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